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--by Leanne Stevenson  [--just found 10-10-2015.]

I came searching --for direction, to find the meaning & purpose of my search.  Rose's program is different to many of the other programs I have attended.  She said "Learn Survival".  I said I didn't think I could do some of the things she asked me to do --altering longstanding habits & beliefs & thought patterns.  She said "Learn Survival".  I said I didn't feel comfortable, she was pushing me in directions I wasn't sure I wanted to explore.  She said "Learn Survival".  I questioned why things are the way they are, how our habits and body postures cause and effect certain behaviors, how we can change these.

She said "Question everything.  Learn survival.  Be Safe."

I questioned my faith as she challanged it.  I followed her path she set out before me and found my faith deepened and expanded and constantly changed!  I know --to remain in truth the path remains clear and seemingly survival object passable.


Having ridden for 32 yrs, I thought I had a fair idea of safety/survival and how to ride.  The concepts introduced through the program, the manner they were introduced and the results which paralleled what is happening in my life at this moment and what emotions I needed to develop; all proved most interesting & enlightening and certainly gave me things to work on to ensure my 'survival'!  When we look at survival as being able to sit back, plant your feet, find our centre and 'pacman' options til we regain control of a situation in which panic overrides sense, rather then acting out the institutional "return to the fetal" body posture, then when we transfer this into the daily living, it's postural self-assertiveness helps us stand our ground in all situations.


Rose is a very special individual who is truely a gift.  She is truely the sum of her experiences and her experience & talent with the horses and with this work is both inspirational and awesome.  Her forthrightness and honesty is sometimes confronting and many times comforting.  Her sense of fun and playfulness carries over into the work so that the challenges, though certainly challenging  and hard work, have an element of humour.  Certainly sometimes laughter is the best medicine.  Her spirituality is divine and to be in her presence it felt like I had known her much longer than the three days I spent with her.

 I ask the Universe to bring into her life the people, the money and the resources needed to bring her goals for Horse Holiday to fruition for she deserves all of this and more; her vision is heaven-sent for this world.

And then, into her second visit

--Leanne's emotional realization about this work.

Without trust and respect --there is no love, and once you have lost any of these they are much harder to regain.  We seek unconditional love, assertiveness, empowerment with the horses.  We see our emotions & feelings transferred & mirrored in theirs.  We meet people that mirror what we lease want to see in ourselves & we have things that we need to learn & they will teach us to learn over & over again --until we get it!

I said "I don't want to have to go through that, I don't think I can do that"  To Rose of her experiences, she said 'didn't have to' cause she did & can tell me about them.  That may or may not be true.  Sometimes we still need to experience them to truely believe.   "However if you can take my experiences & parallel them to yours & come up with your own conclusions --that is all I ask."

There is a strength in softness, -there is power in peace and quietness, there is more in doing less.

Aggressiveness is not assertiveness.

Manipulation is abusive.

Work from the TRUTH of your being & God walks with you.


God Bless, Leanne


ALL of the above is her own words!

And now you know why I still love her so very much!  Rose at the Barn

Perhaps NOW, you can see that we can possibly help YOU----?


The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer] 



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