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 Unexpected Personal Growth & Healing--by knowing the natural horse and riding!


"If I had not damaged myself so badly I was afraid of riding

UNEXPECTEDLY recieved May 4, 2013 FROM LEANNE --5 years later!

--(which I thought was bad)

 if I had not left Chris under circumstances I believed as extremely unbearable and bad

I would never have sought out you, never have met you, never have been to America even.  

Not even thought about it.  Not had to find another way to ride.  

Not had to find out how there was another way that is so incredible it CHANGES lives in inexplicable ways.  

we do not need to understand it, we do not need to know it....we just need to be able to be quiet enough to hear it.  

the letters in LISTEN are the same as those in SILENT.

We do not need to interpret what the horse is telling us/others -we do not need to put into words what the horse is mirroring

 - we just need to acknowledge that we feel it and learn how to move through it.  Good bad who knows.

YOU have changed my life.  

You saved me from devastation.  You brought me back to life. You helped me ride again. understand horses in a way that no other could have.  There is no delete button on that.

Busyness is not business.  But business = B U signs'.  We need to show others  - we are the signpost to guide them.

we cannot change them...only they can change themselves - we are mere signpost/ letters showing them there are other ways.  

If minds have not been exposed to a concept, their minds cannot get it.  they may not be open now, today

...but who know what in two years time the future then brings with them. we are exposing them to the concept.

The concept that horses can show you the way to move forward....advance.  horse are without words,

 without judgement, without sympathy, without accolades, without agenda......just because they can help us and are willing to do so.

Leanne Stevenson

From 'Rose at the Barn'  I hope this helps you to understand MORE than words can express. 

The horse has helped my own life have so much more meaning --and with greater understanding as well. 

Hopefully, you too shall cross my path --in your journey!

"The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer]



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