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Sept 2013

  There's always 'A THORN' on a Rose stem!  LOL!

 Pride develops --with 'Promise'. Finally learning -has become a personal journey, and I AM SURE that she has turned into a beautiful young lady herself.  Sorry --I missed all that part of her growing. Rose

From Kate's mom:
Thank you for all that you do for Kate. You make a difference in her life.
Rose, yesterday was the first time i have ever heard kate say that she was proud of herself. That is huge for her to recognize that. Wow!! Thank you. Thank you. 9-28-2013
Watching someone ride tells what they know!  If you can SEE what they are doing--they do not really know much.
It's when you can't see what the rider is actually doing that they have really been learning!
THAT IS THE CASE --with this little lady!  So proud of her skills that were developing!

SO --what happened to this young lady, now on her own journey--?  I certainly wish her the best.

 What are your needs?  Overnight options?


“THIS IS God’s Program –not ours”.  We have learned to –‘Expect the Un-Expected

And --take NO CLAIM for what is accomplished within the Horse Holiday Programs,

--ALL by ‘waiting and listening’ – for Direction from God’s Gentle Spoken Words.

 My Dedicated Personal Search was 1980-1982, and this has opened many more doors to understanding.

Sincerely, Rose M Foreman,


Rose at the Barn --Equine/Rider Consultant & Coach

 We feel God’s Hand –Carrying us to the Next Level of His Plan for us –and for you! 


PLEASE call with any questions or comments concerning our purpose and directions in this new area.




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