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Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


CONTENTS:  Life for Rose has seemed like the Merry-Go-Round! 

Rose at the Barn WHISPERER --Horse & Human  

IMPROVING Mind-Body-Connections, instincts, impulses, actions, inactions, emotional responses and behavior, to do wonders working with the horse's natural instincts and ours.

See FLUIDITY in Mind-Body & Soul!      TOPICS Covered         PACKAGES

MISSION STATEMENT:  To know and understand the natural horse and riding naturally --we better know, understand and accept ourselves --as well as others!

JUST FOUND!  Leanne's first 3-Day Journey COMMENTS

OUR WISH ---for you, the horse, and humanity!   5-WAY-WIN or we won't do it!

Lynch's Gift to me!              A 'Gift' It's a New Day --for Riding         New Beginnings!      Some comments

EPIPHEMY! Since 1982 inception, with expanded benefits, our Riding Program, 'Fresh Start' will now be renamed :
'FS' Horsemanship --for Mind-Body& Soul!



      Lesson questions

     Lessons with a purpose


     Horseback riding lessons 

Before taking Riding Lessons --Consider this!   Question what you see in the other riders and how their horses try to speak to you.

Lessons with Rose at the Barn  --ONLY IF you have and desire learning about yourself, and more.

Take the TEST-about your riding &/or lessons  Some simple thoughts and questions

Traditional VS Natural Horsemanship --from mediocre to brilliant

Understanding --Horse and human --for more than just riding purposes

Dancing on horseback --for those who never thought they could ride.

THE BLAST --a FUN learning program for the very shy, frightened, or nervous rider --geared toward adults!  [2-3 couples per class]

Rider problem-solving

Defensive Riding --for your safety and others as well

De-Stress your horsemanship  --for your horse --and you!

Riding FORM is best developed naturally

Fear of the horse and riding --could be how you are learning to ride.

Good Riding Form is learned naturally --or it's like plastic or HARD!

Positive Energy = Positive Riding

Traditional VS natural horsemanship

Sensitive Mind-Body-Conditioning for riders

We are the Human STABILIZER --with our lessons.

'FS' Horsemanship --for Mind Body & Soul!   [FRESH START]

 Testimonies from the past

      COMMENTS from our riders

       Program Start-Up and Background --the how, when & why!

Fresh Start [FS] --INDEX   --16 PAGES!  [NOT HOW-TO --but why.]

FS-5-DAY Program testimony from Michelle C.  FS affected another life --in business as well.

FS--SHOULD BE WORLD-WIDE --because we offer MORE!  One day to be accepted as truely life changing for horse & human

A Life Changing Riding Program --Fresh Start --We have been changing lives since our prayer was answered.

Missing Link in Riding Programs --That's what we offer.

Novice-to-advanced riders  Somehow most --miss the boat when it comes to the highest connections with the horse and riding.

OFFERINGS:  How we can help you.

Background for our innovative program

The Blast --A Fun-Version of Fresh Start

BEFORE purchasing --your first horse

YOUR FIRST HORSE--?  --now what?

Horse Sense and Sensibility

A Gift of Kindness --and humor too--!


Certification --for Fresh Start Program

Adventures on horseback

Listening to horses --to learn from them

The 5-WAY-WIN --and that goes for WHO & WHY Rose will work with a client --or not!


Good hands are necessary for horsemanship

SOFT hands --or Horsemanship

Great hands for horsemanship  1   and   2


Some say that horses need training.  We say --people do!

        BITS  an excellant video to help you understand.

          Difficult horses --and what to do with them

         Ride to the MUSIC

         Why alter what is already natural?

         Western training can be very abusive --PLUS who does a safety program for riding on western saddles--?


           Starting your horse

           Starting horses like we have

           Starting you and your horse --as one!


        Personal relationships --with my horses

Mighty Moe Sadly Missed   Love your blessings with your heart --every day

My Prayer for this work  Doing what is most helpful --to help change the world view of horsemanship.

My natural horse family ---rom 1996

Self-study goes for riding teachers also.


Our Staff --here and gone  In later years we have lost many [not all] of our friends

JOIN US to help both horse & human --We have a plan to change many, and to HELP many --for humanitarian purposes.

The Search --to find what's mising in our lives.

The BIRTH of anything good --is worth the time and effort!

12 Senses for riding horses

Be a horse Communicator

DANCING-on-horseback --and another dilemma

Our Commitment --is to Raise Awareness.  Horses are a gift --not always understood, and they are here to help us.

NEWSPAPER Article --1 of 18 for Rose and her ridiing programs

They call this --a SPORT?

BOTTOM LINE --for our Equestrian Program

BEST humor page for bridling a horse.

Founder --'Rose at the Barn'

        Rose's EQUESTRIAN STUDY!  --getting to what really counts in abilities
Rose qualifications --???

        Rose's life with that Merry-go-round --ALL things that work around what must be learned --& taught.
         Rose is a Whisperer --horse & human
         Rose at the Barn --Riding Mentor & Coach

         Rose's PUZZLING QUESTION--?  Why do people not listen?
        Are you ready for lessons with Rose at the Barn--?


Cribbers --a good or bad thing?

Nylon Halters  can take a life.

STOP Circling the horse.  Take the tail out of your mouth --and that of the horse--?

Typical riders loose  if they just don't have it--yet!

Unnecessary rider abuse --must stop!

Abusive riders --need education and help

Making Contact --with the horse's mouth--?

Good Horses --Who didn't die yet

Freedom unbridled for the natural horse

Troubled horses --Remember --horses have NO or FEW CHOICES.  SADLY --It is humans who make choices for them!


Safety & Survival Skills for horsemanship

Riding Safety & Survival Skills --when riding alone or in company

Our Riding Safety & Survival Program --tells the truth!

Learn Defensive Riding --to stay safe when riding!

SAFETY & SURVIVAL --to be safe on playful horse

Prevent Riding Accidents

Safe Riding Hints!

Natural Horse

Gifts --from the natural horse --to find peace and integrity again.

My life-teachers have been my horses --Rose at the Barn

Developing a love for the natural horse --lifting me to higher places.

BELLA --The reason I now do what Divine-Spirit tells me.

Natural Horse --My desire to teach you much about them --Rose at the Barn

Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship offers more to learn

Ask or Command 

FIVE YEARS LATER --We got this testimony

Horsemanship studies -1    2    3   4   5   6

Starting you and your horse as one together

Spirituality and Healing Horsemanship --SEE

THIS group should be ON TOP!  This is the MOST INCREDIBLE OF ALL --that I have accomplished with the natural horse!

HOWEVER we teach in the proper CYCLES to first help the horse who is always there to teach us more!  Rose at the Barn

       The Search--for what's missing in our life         

       The thrill of a lifetime --look it up --as I did.

       Humor from first guest visit to Newville from Bath, Pa.


YES!  More will be added later!


    Rose's Studies

  1.         Soft Touch Horsemanship  Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skill

            ST-Quantum Horsemanship  Spirituality energy/consciousness & flow

                Vision the tip of the arrow. where are you going?   Whisperer horse & human listening!   Leadership & learning to learn

            A Horse Holiday with choice  Healing --in mind, body & emotions

           Mind-Body-Brain-Spirit  Overview complex situations   Understanding life --or passing

    Rose at the Barn --Consultant --for positive change

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