Rose M Foreman  NDE/Advocate/Visionary/& Consultant

Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


FS Horsemanship -for Mind-Body & Soul

our Original Base Program 


Start from SCRATCH and enjoy the process of working with others.                    


Know that FS only has FOUR intense classes --that do it all!

FS- Chart of Fresh Start Possibilities --Utilized in many ways!

FS for Health and Wellness

FS  Problem Resolution  --Develop COMPASSION --without Abuse OR Manipulation

FS --is Universal

FS -A psychological process

FS is an infectious learning process

FS- Holistic Learning Concepts

FS-Program is for the people!

FS --for more than expected

FS --We are NON-traditional

FS--You are NOT TOO OLD to learn to ride

FS --Program changes Lives

FS--For Mind-Body & Brain Connections & Coordinations

We always want to have fun while we learn --unless there are issues that need deeper attention. This is Rose's specialty --helping you as an individual to live a much fuller life!

'PACKAGES' for more time with Rose for learning or consulting.

ALSO --see 'THE BLAST' --for fun group learning.

For the novice, or refresher of --what you may never have learned before.

Learn to SAVE YOURSELF --and others as well!

FS Horsemanship is the basis for ANY and ALL work with Horse Holiday --because of what the program has taught us ALL about human behavior --in mind-body-brain- & soul

 Hear my Prayer --from many years ago.  Fresh Start offers that answer.

NOTE:  Lessons with Rose are individualized for you and your situation.  HOWEVER --IF Rose suggests Fresh Start -- WHY MUST you sign for all four FS Horsemanship Classes with a one time payment?

The first and third classes are difficult, yet extremely necessary.  You will be forever grateful for the 'learning experiences' because they are not offered anywhere else --with such compassion --for you  your safety, and understanding of the Mind-Body Connection --with the horse!

Know that what we teach is rather complete. You will know what to expect --of yourself, your horse, your riding --and your riding companions as well.

The first three lessons are without a saddle --so you WILL REALLY get the FEEL of the horse AND your own mind/body coordination. Your instincts and impulses as well. You may not want a saddle after these experiences, however we know that when riding cross-country --you will need the additional support --just in case.

Being from Maryland Hunt Country, I received many bonuses of $100 for my work with horse/rider. 

I want the best for you and your horse.  IF I FEEL that I can NOT help you --I will say so --or make a referral.

I don't give up on you easily!  I hope to hear from you --if only to comment!   

Call 717-462-8535 or text   Rose at the Barn

See 'PACKAGES' for more time with Rose for learning or consulting.



    Rose's Studies

  1.         Soft Touch Horsemanship  Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skill

            ST-Quantum Horsemanship  Spirituality energy/consciousness & flow

                Vision the tip of the arrow. where are you going?   Whisperer horse & human listening!   Leadership & learning to learn

            A Horse Holiday with choice  Healing --in mind, body & emotions

           Mind-Body-Brain-Spirit  Overview complex situations   Understanding life --or passing

    Rose at the Barn --Consultant --for positive change

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The Medical professon says; 'IF we do not Medicate --what can we do?'  SEND THEM --TO ROSE!