Soft Touch Horsemanship The Mind Body Connection  

~~By God's Directions.  This is His Program--not ours!~~





We are Non-Traditional,

 Non-Clinical, Non-Commercial, & Non-Conforming,


--Because we do not have to be!

 We already have your answers!

(The 50+ yr old bareback rider on this page, is a complete novice, only on her 3rd session with us,  riding alone --in confidence and understanding of the 'survival' skills offered by our Fresh Start Program.)

 Learn the games the horse will play, their humor, integrity and loyalty.  You can develop a relationship that can last a lifetime, for the horse is more than a simple animal to have fun with, or just to ride for recreation.  The horse offers us a special gift, that can only be earned.  We get you there!

Whether you are a Beginner, or a rider of many years, Our 'Fresh Start Program will open you to another level of understanding & ability!   

Perception, intensity, density of energy, and the power of compassion, are developed.

 We unite horse and human to the world of new connections.

Your own inner power and energy waits, inviting you to a higher learning. You will struggle with surrendering your natural instincts and impulses, and replace any inferiority or misconceptions that can hold you back. We offer you the opportunity to look at the total picture, including the reflection of your own being, as it will be 'mirrored' back to you by your behavior, and your horse. 

Your own 'Phases of life and Levels' will be made crystal-clear.  You will better understand your own behavior through our self-study programming.

You will become aware of your own methods of communication.  Once recognized and conquered, it will  free any burdens stored deep within.  Your newly learned Spiritual Connection with the horse -will be expressed by your new absorbed methods of communication' for riding.  We help refine that ability.

There are no limits to riding with your understanding of levels, and how the rider learns --via their life-phase.

 The founder has been given a reason for learning and what needs to be taught from her NDE [near-death-experience]  With our depth of learning -your riding can become unlimited, and your life will have many new perspectives, and priorities.  This is truly a power-filled program.

 You will also ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!

 Riding alone, or in groups -for beginners to advanced will become much safer, and more confident.

 You will ride with your finger-tips, and refine ANY riding discipline, to soften --the so-called toughest horse!   

Make an appointment to learn from the founder who lived with a family of horses for over 40 years

You can request a ONE-ON-ONE learning session for THREE FULL DAYS to change your life!


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  1. 'Fresh Start' --Our 'Base Program' --for integrated horsemanship, and life change.

  2.  Soft touch horsemanship --Riding's Safety & Survival Program --plus extended horsemanship

  3. 'STQuantumhorsemanship' --Higher Connections, Spirituality --the basis for healing

  4. --The results of 'STQ'--including personal healing

  5. --Unspoken words heard by founder --through sensitivity --miracles, and a near death experience  [NDE] 

  6. 'Rose at theBarn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!

Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!


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