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The natural horse has been my teacher --for a very long time.

 From my beginning, as a coach, I focused on the horse's needs, for their comfort and protection against rider abuse before  the rider's needs. I learned much about natural horse behavior, their family unit and their feelings and I started seeing people differently. This may be due to my lack of family myself, because they didn't understand my miracles I myself didn't yet understand.  The horses accepted me,and didn't care to change me.  This relationship was different because they loved me as I am.

Each horse has a personality that compares to human.  I tried making the horse more comfortable, by teaching riders a compassionate form of communication with the horse.

The horse seemed to be like a victim to human need, greed, and ego,  They were a way for riders to get negative junk out of their systems. The horse was ridden by many, who just needed to get rid of emotional garbage. I saw this too often, and worked at changing this human imperfection.

Therefore, horses have been suffering from human misunderstandings, and misconceptions. Some people think they can get away with abusing with harsh treatment, by riding hard, kicking and pulling. Many see the horse as a simple means of fun, transportation or sport, rarely that warm blooded friend. 

Horses only have people problems.

They have learned tolerance to circumstance, and do their best with what they have been given. They often live void lives and appreciate ANY small kindness.

LEARN from the horse.  STUDY their lives more closely --as I have!

I studied the people and their associations with riding and the horse, how the horse is sought out by humans with emotional needs due to loneliness, a need for romance, dreams, etc.

The horse mysteriously seems to have the answers to questions that people do not know to ask. They hold the horse, majestic, containing a power they're in awe of. They want it for themselves, to be a part of the horse, they see and think they own their power.  And when they start getting too close to what they personally need to know, they get hard on the horse, battling them, so they do not have to face their own issues. 

This is how we developed our program for the Mind-Body-Spirit & Positive Energy Flow, to help eliminate this negative behavior from humans --for the horses sake...

Many horses can master the skills of humor, intimidation, and game playing. They also display affection and curiosity. They are quite subtle and love playing a good game, especially when you catch onto their antics. 

I have learned to feel their humor and sense their laughter.

Horses love being with their friends, and enjoy the security of family and being close.

They suffer from emotional traumas, just like we do. It is difficult to detect,and most see them superficially.  I will look right at and into them, until I know they know I am looking at them.  Then, they look back at me in recognition.  They allow their inner feelings to come out right back to me. 

That's a good introduction process, to meeting the real horse, and to properly introduce yourself.  Most of the time, people couldn't care less.  They see a hair covered animal they can sit on, and have fun with.

Horses have good memories, and an absorbing spiritual nature. Their intelligence is different from ours!  It involves that magical connection, and feelings with energy we desire as our own.  They are mostly 'in the moment', making the best of given situations.  Can most of us do that, or are we hampered by ego and e-motions, wants, needs and desires?

The horse suffers from emotional abuse, as well as physical abuse, when they change environments, new homes with new owner expectations.  They grieve and they can mourn, those left behind, and have confusion dealing with other treatment and handling.  Their lives are much like foster kids, and they really try to get along, even if understood.

Many horses go into emotional shock when ownership changes. They become nervous. They worry and wait to go back home--especially the more intelligent Arabian horse.  It hurts me to see them grieve, and I have seen this.  It is sincere and deep, and some feel panic to get back home. This is mis-understood as being wirey, spooky, or just mis-behaving and being difficult.  A misunderstanding situation goes downhill.  More than likely, a new owner will rough up or frighten a horse they have mis-interpreted, making matters worse.

I beg you to know. --IT IS NOT what the horse needs to learn! 

It's what YOU should learn.

 [To know the horse, gives me insight into a human's life, and how you treat the horse tells me more about you --the person.  That's why I prefer horses to most people!  --Rose]  
You as a spirit-filled person will recognize the horse who knows you are different kind of relationship --knowing and accepting you --in spirit.

  We forget our true inner strengths and abilities from infacy!  Have we allowed society to mask our vision and senses?

 Humans dream of being as free as the horse, yet have difficulty understanding what it is they are seeking and missing in their own lives.

Humans do not hear what horse's can hear!  Humans hear the immediate.  The horse hears the 'infinite'!  Their ability to oversee senses their surroundings.  Humans almost bump into things before seeing where or what can be there.

The horse knows real simple pure life and living. Some are surprised when a human connects with them.

Horses are multi-dimensional, extra-sensory! They contain MORE than the '5' senses!  It's all encompassing, and it's free for us to learn!   I believe this is what we can expect in the 'next world' when we go home.

The horse family taught me what is important, and what is NOT, and how to live my life!  

Their magic has been my life study, and it is because of their nature that I can make sense of human lives, and how easily we get off track, away from the basics of really living and caring about others.  Their beauty is their basic nature. Have we lost ours?


I spent over 30 years, with a growing horse family, their kids, sisters, brothers, moms, studs, and the contented time with the grand-parents, when it wasn't breeding season. The new neighbors, (in the other fields), the 'squatter (the un-invited guest in the stall next door), the un-invited stranger (the visiting horse), and the annoying ones who want their 'easy chair', their grazing space. Then there's the co-workers, (you know how that goes), and the elders.

The horse has more respect for the elderly, the pregnant, than some people. They protect the kids (foals). The aunts & uncles want to keep the kids (foals) for themselves, until they get bigger as yearlings, when they think they know it all, or want to just like our teen.

The horse also have their priorities. They have their levels of respect and DO have grudges, often getting even!

We must be cautious, of new or strange horses that have had bad or difficult backgrounds. They may have it out for someone that looks like you. They may be too angry to recognize that it wasn't you that was mean to them. It might be the hat you wear.  You can't be too careful, and don't take it personal.  Just BE-WARE!

Make rules of respect known. No Biting! NO kicking, and don't be Pushy!

Some horses will not respect you, unless you can play their games.  In particular, some quarter-horses only like the big strong guy, who can --make them work!   I've experienced this.!  They love being bossed around, meeting someone that is strong enough to make the rules, and enforce them. They need to meet their match! 

Some horses are meticulous workers. They love to work and rest hard. 

Many thorobreds prove their ability, then ask 'what else' you want of them, and then they give more!  You have to watch them, because they will 'give too much'.  Some horses look at work, then get tired at the thought! (sound familiar?)

Then there are the girls who have their hissy fits, their funny ways. They are the ones with all the personality!   Once they have a child (foal) they become protective, and conscious of taking care of them. This will later transfer to the rider, and they make wonderful riding (& life) partners.

When a mare is separated from their young (weaning) too soon, some young ones 'rarely' get over it.  It sets in place that feeling of separation and abandonment. And guess who gets the blame? It's HOW it's done that is important, and the horse business can't afford that luxury, can it? It's okay to disagree with my theory. I will stand on it!  I have seen a huge water bottle of liquid --PHYSICALLY FORCED into a very young foals rectum, and watched them forcibly holding them to complete the task.  Will thatfoal remember that treatment?  I am afraid so.  Wouldn't you?

The young horse will do the best they can. It's like they have to 'prove' themselves (not unlike teen-agers). Even at the early age, of 2-3 yrs. that many have to go do hard work! Some say it makes them stronger, and that may be so, if well cared for.

 A wonderful opportunity to raise a horse, knowing them as your family, with grandpa and old friends.   When together, the entire family interacts the same way a human family would.  I loved seeing this.

When Grandpa dies, it just isn't the same!  All responsibility just shifts.

On death, they have given me an understanding of their love. They will ask if it is okay!  Many just want to find a quiet place to peacefully 'go HOME', -beyond this world.  It's like laying down the burden of our bodies, to free ourselves of the weight (wait-?) -of this world.

What a pleasure it has been to know the horse,

from the 'sack' to the grave...

Horse Holiday Organization

Horses and/or Riding, --from a little different viewpoint --theirs!

Get a glimpse of the world they live in --to see our flaws, and our beauty.

 You've found a true friend when you know the horse, as I have.  

They are dear friends with whom I have shared the greatest gift of all. 




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