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The QUESTION came.  Rose Qualifications or Certifications--?

The program I am offering has been helping people since 1980-82 –much to my own surprise.  How this has been happening has also directed my personal life studies.  I was asked what colleges I have gone to --because so many techniques are involved, making this program so powerful.  I have been watching client reactions constantly, and found that teaching is a course within itself.  I believe this is common sense, and have had difficulty understanding why some of our methods are not included in other therapies –without the primary concern to medicate.  People need a chance to get better by self-helping themselves to think along different channels to change their behaviors and/or possible belief systems. 

Our programs are thought provoking as well as stress reducing. Of course --relieving the physical symptoms of what stress produces in the first place.  As symptoms disappear, healing appears, and this is a natural result.

To observe other programs, I see so much left out –appearing to simplify a particular arena, and not quite –the entire being, for a complete overhaul –so to speak.  We offer a life changing opportunity for those who participate in this work. 

How am I qualified--?  My life study of what has been missing in ‘Riding Programs’ as well as ‘Mental Health’, and the Medical professions who have been known to overmedicate –and/or to misdiagnose --by finding their properly taught perhaps a limited diagnosis –or to LABEL a situation that then –seems backed up by medical treatments –meaning DRUGS!

In my years, I have learned to listen to people [etc.] from behind or between their words.  Observing behavior also gives clues as to what is or has been missing in someone’s life.

I have observed therapists etc. who can only reflect what they learn --in the classes they have taken, and I feel that some of this work leaves much to be desired when it comes to observing mind-body behavior, as well as hearing words –not spoken verbally.

Perhaps my sensitivity from a miracle as a child and my near death experience has been helping me, however I also know that this is learnable, because those I have been privileged to work with over the years have also been able to ‘see and to feel’ the same as I have.  The ability to teach is vital, because the messages we include must not typically be included in many curriculums –as I have seen.  I am also sure there are many out there who do justice to helping people to heal.  We are offering a different kind of help that we think is challenging, as well as intuitive.  I have seen many labels --like intuitive medicine that we could claim, however, we do not claim ANY label, because labels seem to LOCK opinions --as if to place someone’s work into a BOX --with limitations.

I would be pleased to have Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Behavioral Specialists, etc to become involved in this work to make this program --one of the most profound experiences possible –to over-ride the application of many unnecessary treatments --that pad the pockets of the PDA and AMA. 

Who was it that said the ‘medicine would one day heal without drugs’—or something similar? 

I absolutely believe that we offer an ‘Integrated-Holistic-Alternative-Healing-Solution’ for health & wellness.

Spirituality –means simply involving the Holy Spirit in all we do as we ASK help –to help others.  When we come to a halt, it may be necessary to direct that client to a Health Practitioner who may better assist with client healing.  I will add that when their situation is ‘put up’ to that Holy Spirit, I have received insight on my waking hours, and will contact that individual with what I have heard –after some research to validate. 

EXAMPLE: I heard ‘Eye-Muscle-Brain Coordination’ –for a male teen with anger issues.  This was helpful for him.

EXAMPLE: Our methods also found a particular clients pain –behind her eye, indicating the possibility of an aneurism.  We would not continue our work and told her she needed an appointment with a neurologist.  We were told: 'No doctor has ever found what you have'.  We’ve been told this several times, and I still ask –WHY NOT?

 I believe what I just came across is TOO real. As doctors etc. state: –“If we can’t medicate –what can we do”?  My answer –‘send them to us’!

 Also in our work, we are a communicator to those who prescribe, because we observe client changes in human behavior etc. not observed across a desk and relay that information.

We have been progressive as well as profound.

 Have I answered your questions?

I have no credentials other than doing what I call –‘God’s Work’ --because of what has been accomplished.  Again, we do nothing other than listen and pay close attention.

We then ask and then listen again, and this is what we believe is our gift –the ability to ‘hear the unspoken words.  In addition, this IS learnable.

 Ego and labels have NO PLACE in what we do, and we desire having the right kind of people to participate, so we can continue to grow as a family together—to add to, and constantly try to improve on this work.  Of course, this involves the many levels of comprehension for everyone, me included.

I hope this answers your question!

 Rose M Foreman, Founder






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Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!


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