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Rose's Equestrian Studies

The BRAIN--MIND--EGO ->CHOICE --(A topic for discussion and debate.)

    I have been coaching with the thought --that the mind is our choice-box --so to speak.  I have thought --the Brain is our God Given, that makes us do what must be done, by instinctual response for survival, like breathe, and to pull a hand away from a fire.  The brain will take in information --not necessarily fact, and the brain will untangle it --to help you make decisions –quickly, or to give the human mind the option --to choose and learn.  

Okay, lets go back to the rider with this ‘circle of Ego' that distracts the rider from the spiritual dynamics of what riding the horse can offer you.

What does the ego have to do with riding a horse anyway?  Is this your question?  It has also been mine!

The answer is --nothing, --concerning the ‘mechanics’ of riding, or traditional methods! The other answer is  –‘EVERYTHING’ –when it comes to ‘The Spiritual Dynamics between Horse & Rider’!

The horse has no ego!  How can the horse, who is ‘spiritual’ by nature, be expected to respond to us fully, if we are projecting our ego onto them, and not our ‘spirit’?  The horse easily recognizes which world we project to them, and where we are coming from!  

They would ‘buck’our ego off -if they could --and some try to!  They try to help us eliminate this un-natural ego state of being.  Don’t they?  They fuss, they warn us, they reject us, and even give us a hard time.  They do not like being attacked by the unnatural, non-spiritual, human ego, or ego’s power struggles that threaten a horse.  The horse is skilled and filled at flight or fight, and they can choose to get away from us, and not join with us --on equal terms. 

Our egos have not allowed the horse the privilege of meeting us on that spiritual level. Look back at how horses were BROKE years ago, and still in some circles --right?  It is all HUMAN EGO!  The natural spirit filled human would more easily connect to them.

This is what Monty Roberts is about.  He meets the horse, on their level. He greets their natural spirit!  I THANK GOD that Monty opened the eyes of horsemen everywhere, all over the world.  He has made the non-traditional, acceptable! 

Those, including myself, no longer have to struggle silently having to remain silent about my beliefs, and how natural the horse really is.  We just have to EDUCATE the humans to what this spirit within --is all about, to better get along with the horse in their natural world of spirit --with all it's kindness and desires to be better understood! 

THAT is where I have dedicated my life to helping others to understand --so they will treat the horse better in all ways!.

I have said many times that: We have MUCH TO LEARN --from the natural horse, who is a 'Gift' to help us learn.

Monty, you have broken that mind-barrier for 'The Whisperer'  Thank you Monty! 

You have made my life lots easier, because you helped others to better understand MY WORK with the horse.

NOW --it's been MY JOB to educate for human understanding --as spirit equestrians.


So, does this now begin to make sense --how the horse responds to a person, who is open to that special something that the horse is attracted to?  Could that person know the spirit of the horse? (I didn’t say spirits)  The SPIRIT is always available for the horse, you and myself!  And perhaps you need an introduction --if you are in question. 

This ‘Spirit of God’ --is everywhere!  It's natural!, and easily recognized.  It can also be learned but that the human EGO, is NOT the Spirit of God.  In fact, I believe that the ego is in competition with the 'Spirit' of God!

The horse sees, understand and accepts what most cannot see.  They see, in their natural realm with a ‘spirit understanding'.  I have said many times. There is much to learn from the Natural Horse!

Is a Horse Whisperer, (a real one) --connected to the Natural Spirit of God?  Do they have a heart that is warm, and loving?  Do they ‘breathe in, and out naturally?  Is the natural horse also fluid in movement?

Isn’t it understandable how a ‘natural’ horse connects to someone who recognizes what that horse knows --to breathe from that same breath of spirit?   Have you ever heard that it is all in the breath?   Did you understand what that means?  Perhaps you should learn, and I can help you.

The horse will either look right to you with their eyes --to see if you are real --or in EGO. They can also 'FEEL' your spirit and ENERGY -good or bad, or tense or whatever.  They FEEL YOUR ENERGY and if you are NOT OF SPIRIT.  They will respond accordingly! They need to meet the 'real you and your energy feel' --if only temporary. They stand guard, and will absolutely acknowledge the spirit in you --when it is there! You just have to be smart enough to see and feel it yourself, and you can also feel and learn this also.

NOTE: You must know that a horse's previous treatment can temporarily alter their spirit with great caution, and an experienced Whisperer --will wait --to give the confidence needed for that horse to overcome the memory of their previous treatment --to help them get back to being their natural true self.  Unfortunately when great patience is needed, sometimes time is too costly for a trainer.  My wish for those horses is that they can be turned out to pasture to recover, and they can then be used for educational purposes to coach -REAL horsemanship.

The horse will also acknowledge and respond to the Ego in you, causing caution --or, they will object you in one way or another.


The ' domestic' horse, is more ‘tolerant’ of human behavior, and expectations.  They have had to adjust the best way they can, and it isn’t always easy for them.

It has been most interesting to have raised horses without human expectations flaunted upon them.  They were wonderful teachers, and what they gave me has been profound!  It is real!  It is absolutely universal!

I took six horses to a friend's[?] place when I left Hanover, and that person said this to me after watching me work with them.  First know that my expresive mare  showed s great dislike to that woman after she led her into a stall herself.  She [my mare] actually turned to look back at her and almost sneered at her.  She absolutely let me know that she did not like her.

Later after watching me, she said, "You need to train your horses so that anyone can work with them".  I about puked!  That right there made me aware of just how much she didn't know.  I knew that I would prefer teaching humans HOW_TO get along with my natural horses.  She even bet me that as I said 'I started my horses in two hours'.  She huffed and said "Go ahead.  Prove that!"  I had one filly that hadn't been started yet, so I started her in two hours!  YEP!  Then I was told to ride her outside the indoor arena.  So --I DID, and went down the hill to the driveway and walked along there, then brought her back, because this was all new to her carrying my weight.  This woman HATED ME --INSTANTLY! 

 It was not me that didn't know the horses --it was MOST of 'the others' that did not know what I knew --as a Whisperer and a Listener.

Monty Roberts has studied the wild horse in his lifetime, and has come up with behaviors and attitudes of their family life.  This is universal, and on a different level -- at the same time.  The wild horse can seem very abrupt, when learning.  It can be very quick, and easy, or very awkward, depending on how you have learned to 'work with them in spirit'. Actually, they only want to communicate with you openly! 

A human's life has been 'affected' for a long time, by social upbringings. Frankly, I prefer the life of the horse, compared to our human levels and social expectations.

My study -- has been the domestic horse, and human behavior with the horses, and traditional attitudes with riding programs,  how they do or do not work with the true nature of the horse. PLUS, how the horse and rider get along, or do not get along, within the traditional programs, andof course seeing why things do not work at the best. 

I have even searched for the missing element within traditional work. Definitly --it is being unaware of spirit communication.

 The natural does not intefere with the horse’s needs, as much as the human needs and expectations intefere with the horse's nature.  I TRY TO practice what IS natural.  When it comes to the natural, the relationship between horse and rider, and riding is exhillerated, with ease.  

Learning the natural is a revelation to humans, who have almost forgotten the spiritual beauty within ourselves, and the magic that can happen, if we are only open to allowing it.  This human environment has altered what God has already given us, because it IS a PARADISE!

Our Study incorporates what has happened, and why we have the 'issues' we do, in our busy, confused world.  We must get back to the basics of life to find the true meaning of life itself.  The 'Communication Factor' has been in the left corner.

 We need to re-connect with what God has given us!

Our study is similar to Monty Roberts, along slightly parallel paths.

And NOW, we thank Klaus Hempfield of 'Dancing with Horses', who shares our philosophy. It is so wonderful to see others on the same path by working with the natural horse in spirit!

    We also reject any forceful approach of starting horses.  Understanding the horse itself makes starting the horse, a very simple task.  Experience is vital, and learning from someone with experience is essential to open and develop that deeper relationship with the horse.  Starting horses can be unsafe and cruel --if done otherwise.

NOTE: --My study has led me into many arenas --in the lives of humans.

Our Horse Holiday Programs are Progressive --and constantly evolving!

By the way, I realized that my work with humans is very like how I work with the horses, and it has to start slow --to find where they are in their life as well as their beliefs --before real progress can happen.

See to get the results we have acheived --for Health and Wellness --with healing as well.

Will you JOIN US? 

Learn from/with us?  Send us your comments and observations, adding to the study.





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