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Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills



DO YOU want to learn to ride a horse?

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              DO YOU FEEL

    ___  Out of Control?

    ___  Out of balance?

    ___  Uncoordinated?

    ___  You can not connect with a horse?

    ___  The horse should do as they are told?

    ___  ANGRY –when a horse does not listen to your commands?


    ___  TENSE when with the horse or riding?

    ___  AFRAID of the horse?

    ___  NERVOUS?

    ___  Fearful of falling or getting hurt?

    ___  Frustrated at everything, and do not know what to do?

    ___  You will fall at any time?

    ___  Your horse is about to RUN AWAY with you?

    ___  Like your horse will bite or kick you?

    ___  That your horse does not like you?  And, do you even care?

    ___  Anxious –about riding with others?

    ___  Like your saddle is uncomfortable?

    ___  Your horse is too strong for you?

    ___  Like you cannot keep up with the others in the classes?

    ___  Riding is much too complicated to learn?

                    DO YOUR HANDS

___ feel out-of-sync?

___ Sweat when riding?

___ Get flighty?

___ Unable to work together?

___ Feel like they work against each other?

___ Not feel the horse’s mouth through the reins?

___ Feel like they must work more to direct or --control the horse?                                          

                   DO YOUR FINGERS FEEL

___ Stiff /hard/flimsy or erratic?                                                                                   

___ TOO WEAK to control a big horse?

___ A Lack of TOUCH?

___ Not sense warmth from the horse?

                    DO YOUR FEET FEEL

___ Stuck in the stirrups?

___ As if your toes are grasping the stirrups?

___ Like they will slip out of the stirrups?


                   How do your legs feel when on the horse?

___ TIGHT on the horses side?

___ Like grasping the horses belly to stay on?

                    ARE YOU

___ Learning what you really want or need to learn?

___ Comfortable with what you are being taught?

___ Feeling that some things are being left out?

___ You have learned TOO MUCH?

___ Wondering you might need more help than you are getting?

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The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer] 



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