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ABUSE of the horse --by owners, riders, and/or some 'trainers'.

We speak for the horse, and this photo shows abusive treatment by human's hands..

This horse needs to be heard.


 'Rose at the Barn'

Unfortunately, horses too often, must go through incredible discomfort,bordering on absolute abuse and cruelty by the riders hands, and some riding/training techniques, that distort --rather than develop and improve what is so natural and beautiful!

 The above photo behavior get's the STAMP OF ABSURDITY!

Our intention is to wake you, your spirit, heart and mind to unrealized abuse.

We will attempt to show you this abuse by some photos taken, or sent to us, clipped from sources unmentioned, or to protect the identity of all concerned.

If you believe what has been passed down as necessary training technique, for a specific human desire, we ask you why those techniques seemed so necessary in the first place?

 Basically, they just didn't know any better, and they didn't care!  It was called 'getting the job done'. In other words --BUSINESS!

The emotions, and feelings of the horse have not mattered in way too many situations, as in:

'Breaking' the mustang, by killing their spirit and/or soul. Too many start horses with pain, and human control issues, to maintain the human's BOSS theory.

The horse is not a pair of shoes or a machine, to be changed, according to human WHIM!  And shamefully there are many who love doing this --usually to prove something to someone or something!

When a horse is 'trained' by a temporary owner, for a specific job, then sold --in many situations that horse has no idea of the next job they will have.  Humans can see a horse and want to turn them into something else, for some other outlandish purpose.

It would be a glorious day if the natural ability of a great horse can be promoted for it's best asset, rather than having to live a YO-YO life.  Unfortunately, many horses  get used and abused by their new owners, when turned over to youth who are sport oriented, and over ridden or put into tough tasks, when they should be getting ready for retirement.  The horse's life is not easy.

One person said to me "I only ask them to do as I want for 20 minutes a day' so what difference does it make?  They can handle that!"  Her horses were put to extreme strainimg of the neck muscles and mouth, [the most common abuse] --due to ignorance of how to communicate at their low level of understanding. 

Horses have too long --had to put up with the power mongers, and they may have had to work themselves to exhaustion, and pain.

What has been going on for TOO LONG is absolutely INHUMANE, expecially to those like myself who can actually see and hear by listening to what the horse is trying to tell humans, that 'there is another kinder way, and please let me show you how we can get along better'.

I assure you: THE HORSE WILL NOW BE HEARD! Rose at the Barn

As an NDE [someone who has had a near death experience and gifted with sensitivity, I will say THANK GOD that going home is often much better than what the horse must go through here on earth --with some humans.

We, as a people are just beginning the process of better education, higher communication and compassionate caring for our god-given friends, with a higher education, to help both horse and human. 

Horse Holiday Organization has been trying to help change the previously accepted process of working with the horse in compassion.

It is our prayer, that the horse will soon be more appreciated from the depth of 'new eyes' from those who take our programs.  And yes --this does happen.

We want to eliminate unrealized abuse to create more love for all.

There are some excellent horsemen out there --who do care for the horse first, however, we help you to determine a good, caring trainer --from an 'abusive' one. 

We would appreciate ANY photos that you can send us.  ALL identities will be protected. 

SOME of what we call abusive treatment --of the horse.
Tying a horse's mouth shut --so they can not open the mouth!
Having the bit and noseband nearly pinching --the corners of the horse's mouth.
Using a bit that can turn and pinch the horse's mouth.

Help us to give the horse [and human] a warm 'feeling' of caring, sharing and joy, working together compassionately.

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.  Albert  Schweitzer




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