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Some call CIRCLING --training horses---???

Training is not the same as teaching -or working with the horse --by simple body language.

It happens all the time!  A masculine trainer is more respected and looked up to, than a woman.  It's nature!  We want to believe in them!  We want that father figure, the care-taker that will fix everything.

Then, there is the maternal figure, who does the same thing, however, with more compassion, making it all feel better!  At least, that's how it should be, but today the wires of human control are warped, as both male and female can be abusive.

We lounge in circles. 

  1. Some, believe that circles will wear a horse down, until they do what you are asking them to do, so they circle for a very long time, often without changing direction.

  2. Some, think that lounging circles is good to teach a horse to use their correct lead, so they lounge for a long time, without a care for a straight line to help the horse relax, or to get back in balance, by reversing the direction..

  3. Some ride in small arenas, because they believe they have more control riding the small circle with a fence-line.  So, they never ride outside the fence, in an open area, because they fear riding in the first place.

  4. Some will circle the horse in a very small circle as punishment.   If the horse is either afraid or acting in self defense, [like fear of getting straight onto a trailer] so, they are made to trot really small circles.  Perhaps that horse was trying to get away from a bad situation or pain!

  5. Some people are just lazy, and figure that it's easier to make money, by using the 'electric-horse-walker' to trot a horse one-way in small circles for 20-30 minutes, one direction.   Horses have TWO sides.  Isn't this a set-up for a 'breakdown'?


Many have been taught to circle a run-away until they stop, and eventually they will.  Then, you can safely dismount.

So, here's a question for you:

WHY do so many 'trainers' circle horses to get them to submit, when circling makes the horse

eventually stop -naturally?  WHY, do some trainers PULL a horse's nose all the way around to their shoulders, so they SUBMIT to whatever?  WHY, is it SO NECESSARY for a trainer, [or poor excuse for one], to MAKE a horse's spirit near die, by the abusive treatment from human ego, power, and control issues?

Isn't there a better way?  YES -there sure is!

We must eliminate the need for human control issues, and learn more about compassion.



What you are doing is working the 80-20.

20% -is the actual working time it takes to try to correct a [so-called] bad behavior!

80% -is the horse's Body-Mind MEMORY, that stays with the horse for years to come.

What they remember, is the power monger 'HUMAN'S' treatment -they receive!

Humans too often portray themselves -to the horse, as their masters --but:

The 'ultimate master' would never treat another being with harshness!


And, what are some after-effects in a horse's future that has been circled consistently?

Bad, weak, or torn knees, ligaments, and/or tendons, PLUS --the emotional abuse, and a depleted, bankrupt spirit.  So, when will this happen?  Probably after the horse is sold, because you would not see it through their pain medicine.

  PLEASE -DO NOT CIRCLE A HORSE --until they submit to you!

Be more compassionate, more considerate --of what that horse may have been through previously!

You do NOT know their background, and you might be putting salt into the wound of their past!

Help keep your horses sound, by AT LEAST -minimize the circling! 

PLEASE -STOP TURNING & PULLING the horse's head --back to your knee, or worse, to [so-call] loosen the neck, or to MAKE the horse submit!

 These are CRUEL TRAINING TECHNIQUES that rob the horse of their true nature.

 Too many horses have problems, because of -poor training and human ignorance!

Nature IS A 'GIFT' for the Natural Horse as well as for humans.

  It's for 'gifted' horsemen -and --it's God's work of kindness!

  And, we are ALL NATURAL -deep inside --before human EGO takes over! 

 Let's change the 80-20 [above] -from traditional trainers,

TO:  20% teaching, [not training]  80% natural awareness.


It's so easy for a bad trainer to hurt a good horse, and it's a long road back to normal/natural, after such abuse!

Just like humans with deep hidden traumatic stressors --we must strive to better understand each other, to learn from and treat others [the horse included] with kindness and compassion.

STOP SAYING that the horse caused such treatment due to their behavior.

Let's  work together for HEALTH & WELLNESS of all of God's creatures, especially the natural horse.



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