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Comments -from a few of our riders    

     'Fresh Start' -since 1982


  • Vicky, the woman in the photo, --just had to do this canter across field, which she was far from ready for --as a result of being grief stricken, for a year.  This was her way of getting it out of her system, and --finally feeling free!  This was her 4th session, not as I planned it!

See Vicky's Thank you letter

"Anyone taking traditional riding lessons, only scratches the surface to what you teach in Fresh Start". MO


2007-2009   See TESTIMONY from Leanne who came to us from Australia, 3x. to Central Pa.

----------------And her 2010 testimony

From 1982 continued:

Rose, it wasn't my horse all this time.  It was me! --Webb, Pylesville, Md.

I came here with what I felt was the world on my shoulders.  After riding for a bit, I felt that world had 'been lifted'.  I am feeling stronger emotionally, and feel as if I can overcome the frustrations and  concerns that surround me. K. Devon New Park, Pa.

Beneficial in gaining Basics in understanding that most horseman neglect to mention to a new rider. Great introduction to 'Horsemanship'. The depth of information gained, and the confidence acquired over the past four weeks was worth far more than money. L. Keller, Davidsonville, York Co.

It was a great confidence builder. D. Gorski

I fell, and it lifted some fears. I feel more in control. I learned about traps! My legs are sore, and my mind is tired, but I can't wait to get back on a horse.   M. Woolf

I feel I'm learning, or at least beginning to. I feel confident in that Rose knows and loves her horses, and stresses sensitivity to the horse, as well as safe riding techniques. K. Baublitz

Horse Heaven is exactly what this place is. I learned so much. I had been riding at stables lots of times before, but I never knew how much I was missing, not knowing what and how a horse feels, and how they see people, or how most people treat them. V. Fitch

Every other place I've ridden, I've wondered 'what are the horses going to do to me?' Horses here, don't do things TO me. They do things FOR ME. They are the friendliest horses I've ever ridden. Thanks Rose for making this possible. C Sheridan, Brogue

I was really scared to go bareback, but I'm glad that I can do it, and it can only get better! Looking forward to the next lesson. S. Natter

Bareback riding makes it easier to communicate. Never in my wildest dreams, could I have pictured ME doing it by myself so soon! I love it! D. Metzler

Thank you Rose for giving me this new confidence! S. Natter

I felt that I had more confidence in myself as a rider, and that it is MY job to control the horse. Also, I went riding the following day (on her own horse) and my horse took off, as he's known to do, but I STOPPED him in about 30 feet! ( a real success for her!) J. Allison

My confidence level has risen tremendously. Hubbard, Balto. Md.

-It's almost unbelievable that I was going to quit 3 weeks ago.   I have learned so much about MYSELF. Arlina.

The bareback riding of the first four lessons have taught me an incredible amount about balance, relaxation, coordination, and horseback riding. Rose has been a wonderful teacher with a difficult task. I have taken lessons before, without learning the important things that I have learned here. M. Horton

This feels like a real breakthrough for me. I think my main problem is inability to RELAX, which causes me incredible difficulty in EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE! The lessons I have taken are actually working to get through this problem. I am really excited about it, and wish to continue. Rose knows things that nobody else seems to know! M. Horton

Sometimes, what you say we are capable of overwhelms me. But I know that we are capable of doing ANYTHING WE WANT TO. YOUR HORSES CAN WORK MIRACLES. If you can do that much with a horse, than I am sure that you can work MIRACLES for ME! C. Sheridan (lost her fear, ---with us)

You know, I've been able to make a horse do about anything I want. But now, it's different, when you learn to ask a horse to do something. You know, it's a lot easier. D. Fitch (the family have owned horses for quite some time)

I had fractured a vertebrae in my back along time ago on a three wheeler. Ever since then I was afraid of running on an open trail, but now, that I'm sitting up here writing, I just remembered the fear NEVER CROSSED MY MIND, when we were out there. The course teaches you safety, and that gives you the ability to relax, and enjoy another great reason to take the course. V. Fitch

Absolutely Incredible! I had always felt that I was a gentle animal rider. After Rose's first class, I know now that I had not only been cruel to the animal, but cruel to myself. I feel wonderful about the education that I am receiving. I can't wait for the next class. P. Willard, Red Lion


(letter) Dear Rose, I want to express to you a heart felt thanks to you for your patience with me during class. Without you, I would have probably quit class after the first week, and I would have missed out on what I now believe will be a life-changing experience for me.


Even as a child I was physically weak and physically timid due to respiratory and heart problems.  I grew into an adult who believed having an enjoyable  time physically was for others, not me.  Your class has given me hope that I can change that perception.  Even though I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as most people on a horse –I’m excited because I’m doing something I considered impossible my entire life.

Your class has also given me a desire to become physically stronger and flexible.  And so, I’m starting an aerobic program called the ‘Dancing Grannies’ which is suppose to be suitable for someone with back problems.  So far, I can’t keep up with the grannies, even though they’re 30 years older than me, but I will someday.

I’ve gone from nightmares, crying and depression at the thought of having class to being excited at the prospect of being at Our Programs.  And, I never thought the day would come when I’d want to be near a horse but now I love touching them and feeling their warmth and response.

You’re a wonderful teacher of much more than riding.     Thank you.. Arlina

"Having ridden for many years, and taking many lessons, I have never experienced anything like this.  It is different."  AFTER, our very first session with both rider and her horse, who she could not ride safely, the horse started to respond to her in a different way.  When she dismounted, she went right to her horses head, and neck, placed her head under the neck, hugged real tight, and broke down in tears.  ---When she came out to see me, she was much more relaxed, saying, ---"That was actually HEALING!"  (private)





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