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Just be cautious --if you purchase a cribber --or have on at your facility.

During the late 70's when I had boarders at my first place of being in the 'horse boarding business when I did lessons, starting horses etc etc, I had a gray gelding that belonged to two women.  The horse wore a cridding strap. that i did not like.  He started cribbing very badly and I took the strap up just a tad.  He later started cribbing SO BADLY that he got a nose bleed.  I took the cribbing strap OFF.  The owners saw that there was a slight nose bleed, and wanted to have a vet check this horse out --because they started blamming ME --for the horse breaking his WIND --or whatever lame reason they had.
I took the day off work at a training stable, with their understanding of how important this vet exam was for me to hear!  The vet stated there was NO fault of what I did and NO WIND issues were detected.  I caused NO PROBLEM --OTHER than listening to all the bull & crap from these two women who declared I "would have to pay the full [?] sale price for the horse and HOW was I going to do that".  What arrangements could we come to and when would the payments begin.

AFTER the vet explained my innocence in what those owners were stating, I just sat in my pick-up and waited to hear from them.
One woman came to the truck explaining that she --"owed me an apology!'  I just listened until she was quiet.
Then I said: "I think you are a little late with that!  I will give you ONE HOUR --to get your things OUT OF THE BARN, and you will have ONE WEEK to remove your horse --to another facility --PERIOD"  --And I waited until they got their things and remeved themselves from our barn.
I had listened to enough!  They were NOT going to do this to me!  NO THANKS!  This was a tremendous lesson I had learned.
 Let's just say --It was ANOTHER LESSON as to what people will try to do!

Perhaps this will help explain the above issues that were so upsetting to me.
This has alot to due with my disliking the BUSINESS of horses!
My love for the horse is NOT EQUALLED by what I have seen or had to tolerate in too many situations.
I have dedicated my life to help the horse.
Perhaps helping the people --so they LEARN the better understanding of riding and the marvelous natural horse.
That includes the cribber --BUT I WOULD NOT want a cribber in or at my facility! 
 There are too many potential issues to deal with --as seen above!


PLEASE BE INFORMED:  We would love to hear ANY of your feedback where cribbing issues have caused 'problems' to be dealt with.
ANY --comments and/or concerns, --with ANY helpful information!
 --PLEASE --PASS IT ALONG --for all to see.

THIS must also be noted:  The emotional attachment to what can be a very nice horse otherwise --may present a difficult situation. This is highly understood, and can come between friends, so having your own facility is the best answer --of course.  Do not blame anyone for refusing a cribber at their facility.




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