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Developing a love for the horse  

The horse provides us with a reason to gather, share, and care. 

Quiet time was spent grazing, grooming, or watching others groom for the simple comfort of observing a loving task, and the immediate response of the horse, who enjoys the attention.

Riding, seemed to be the natural thing to do.  Riding for pleasure, and to show, was a good time for all.

To part with a horse was a sad thing, yet, the new horse got all of the attention. The old horses were retired to a family with a child that the old boy tended to. 

Time passed, and riding lessons were still the thing to do.  Everyone seemed to ride.  Horses were seen everywhere.  Horse shows that were fun, were then becoming more competitive then game.  The sport became brutal, as horses & riders were pushed to their limits.  And riders were taunted into riding extremely tough courses.

Horses were becoming a means to an end.

The thrill of a spill, the near miss, and the tragic accident, all for the excitement of the paying crowd.  The end, even more vicious, when limits were pushed with drugs, and extravagant insurance claims, and the un-timely death --for the big payoff.

The joy of the horse was now becoming big business --for big bucks and greed, just another widely feared cancer, spreading in a society, that knows it well!

The horse fell victim to the times, and to man-kind.

This magnificent animal given to us to share our life, to serve us, and give us joy. That is --for the lucky ones.  Now horses have become just a pawn for too many, a token for ownership, and game.    Others had to take the fall.

The horse took neglect, abuse, ignorance, and mishandling --all with great integrity.  They change homes,  environments, purposes, techniques.  They reacted in their natural ways, and that was taken as a sign of bad behavior, and man then brutally forced the arm of control, over this animal who feared not being understood. Many just panic.

They tried to escape from those who inflict pain, and were beat for it.  And sadly, the next trip was to the slaughterhouse, sold for the final fee, to not waste the flesh, because it just didn’t make sense to not make a buck. 

That's just was not good business, they said.               

The horse --gifted with a loving home, or sold, from person to person, are just like foster kids. They will suffer shock, loneliness, fears, and hard memories. 

The horse, like any human being, -can suffer from and by the abuse of others.  Their wounds are like our own, both physical, mental, and emotional.    

Their deepest injury, is to their wounded spirit.  Sound familiar--?


Yet, the spirit of the horse lives on, in the hearts, and minds of those who dream of them.   Their beauty, their pride, and their knowing of God's Purpose for them, and believing it --every moment in time.

The horse, a gift from our highest powers --as a reminder to us, of that Ultimate Gift.

Remembering the joy of life itself and gratitude for the opportunity to live it!

The horse was gifted to us -so we can learn to live, love, to share our gifts, by helping each other. 

  But,  have we? 

 In my lifetime, I hope to bring back the safe-fun of riding, and to help the natural horse to be better understood. 


For the horse, the riding teacher, those at the barn, their families, your community and state!  

That's a 5-WAY-WIN situation for ALL that 

we see as the TRUE BENEFIT to Humanity and the WORLD --of horse and human.

We made all of the mistakes!

Now, we must learn and teach --to help you NOT make the same errors from history.


                        How do I coach you --as Rose at the Barn?

 I have been there, done that, and I learned what is not too often taught!   Knowing the natural (un-trained) horse has saved my life.  From a very early age, they were my companion, when I had no other.  They taught me to think in an un-spoken language, and to listen and understand what words could not express.  They have filled me with an excitement for life, when no one else seemed to care!  They have been my friend, my confidant, and my mentor to life, and living.  They have shown me what real quality is, in terms that most humans have difficulty understanding. 

 They have given me courage, and strength to stand up for what I believe in. 

That is where the horse has taken me in my life.

The Natural Horse has brought me closer to the Divine, where the Spirit of Life and Love carry me to complete fulfillment and over-flowing.  Therefore, I pass this learning on to you!

Let's work together to make this planet, this life, a better place for those left behind.  The future that I wait for, is beyond this place.   I have, learned --perhaps from my near-death experience, and other miracles I have experienced.  I have been taught to 'listen to those unspoken [whispered] words that direct my path to seeing what others seem so blinded to, and hearing --what others cannot !

Rose Foreman   --Rose at the Barn

"Success means fulfilling your own dreams, singing your own song, dancing your own dance, creating from your heart and enjoying the journey, trusting that whatever happens, it will be OK. Creating your own adventure!"     -- Elana Lindquist



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Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!

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