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Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


Problem Horses --Equestrian Problem Solving 

--Horse &/or Rider needs Evaluations.


    If you aren't getting the results you want from your horse or riding, and feel you are doing everything you can, you can use some help. 

When something is out of sync.  I suggest a 'Rider Evaluation'.

This will give you 'charted specifics', to see your abilities and/or weaknesses as a rider, when on that particular horse --or in general that you may be having difficulty with. 

You can have an evaluation on an entirely different horse, to help you realize any acquired habits.  Evaluations also from the ground, or riding. 

You will have a complete picture of what needs attention. We can help you correct a problem. 

We help improve your riding & communication skills --in mind, body, emotions, feelings, energy flow & in Spirit.

 We help you become 'goal oriented' with session assignments to work on what needs to be accomplished.   

     We want to find out about you first, then with the horse, how & why they respond to you as they do.

     Your horse could have something bothering them, however it is usually  handling by the rider that effects the horse physically, mentally, or emotionally.  We help you get to the root issues, even if it is that lack of spiritual connection  as perhaps the unknown factor.  It could be simple, or it could be some past trauma, needing time and patience to heal.

     Understand your horse, from the inside out, and know that horses also need healing time. from the inadequecies of their human's lack of understanding them.  They can regain their confidence & trust of humans, and, of course, we want to know if your horse just has an attitude problem, due to his treatment or handling --past or present.

    If the problem is unsolvable, or too much time is involved for you, then we could recommend replacing this horse with one more suitable.  Your horse might be happier with someone else.  We can also perhaps help you with the transition. 

We want you and the horse --to be happy -and safe.

PS --IF ROSE can't help you --we refuse any gift or fee!




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