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comes from 'Educated Riding Experiences' NOT -by learning POSITION!

Many riders 'rush' --doing too much --too soon.  That's how you get hurt!

Of course, that's how many think they must learn.

Note here that the 'fear of injury' can keep a student in lessons for a long time, and some think that's ---just good business.

We Coach to 'loose' students/clients --to give you the ability to figure things our for yourself.   We Coach you to only need a little help once in awhile, after you have taken the initial programs.   You can even change your riding style at any time, rather than knowing 'one way' to ride a horse. 

How is this possible?  Because we teach the entire person --the whole being:

The Mind --Body--Brain --Communication --Coordination --Confidence --Control --as well as Safety & Survival.

INCLUSIVE for our Multi-faceted  Multi-Purpose, Multi-Dimensional Programs.

Riders share their stories of horror and adventures on horseback. Those stories and comments make the entire course more alive with appreciation for the skills they are learning.

Our Programs will not keep-up, or even equal traditional programs!  You will not be jumping within four classes!  And, if you are already jumping, and you're having some difficulty, we will try to strip you of your knowledge so far, so you can go forward in confidence.

Many riders find themselves at a mind/body wall --they can't get past. This is an issue that must be overcome.  It is more of a challenge to teach/coach someone who has been riding for some time, because they have taught their body a certain behavior. That obviously --isn't working well.  We have to undo what the body is familiar with, and re-educate your behavior.

These issues create the most difficult, yet exciting classes, due to the un-learning process, and the excitement of the rider, as they finally realize progress to find what was holding them back. This is not easy.  They will hold firm to their difficulty, thinking their old way will work, as they do it again and again without success.  Riders do not know the Universal Natural How-To.  They know what has been handed down for many years, and --'it ain't natural!'    They do what they have been doing on horses that have hopelessly given-in to those particular riding techniques.  Horses learn what they MUST learn, even if it is against all their naturalness.  They have high tolerance! 

It is a lot of work and personal dedication to learn to ride any horse successfully, and to realize what is 'Universally Natural'.  It will soon click with horse or human, once we are re-introduced to nature..  Humans have tried to alter the horse to their established standards,  according to their desires or fancy.

It continues to amaze me when our student-riders who have ridden for years --tell us :

"It is much easier this way."  Or, "I always thought I knew how to ride a horse, until I met you."

  Novice riders often learn more, and faster, than riders with years of experience, who have learned certain behaviors, on so-called trained horses.  This gets in the way of what we call 'real' progress because it is false --if not natural.

A natural horse responds --naturally and willingly.

A 'trained' horse is taught to do things a certain way, and may be punished if they do otherwise.  So how can the average person ride a trained horse?  Often then can, because the horse IS trained to respond to pulling or kicking or otherwise.  This is NOT natural!  It is a response or result to the un-natural training.

Example:  I met a man who trained his horse to walk when he blew a whistle one time.  Then when he blew the whistle three times --the horse would canter.  A long 'blow' was halt!  A short 'blow' was stand STILL.

He asked if I would like to ride that horse?  As a kid, of course I said yes.  I tried to 'ask him' to walk, and that horse would not budge until that man 'blew his whistle'.  Later the 'trainer' allowed me to trot, by the 'blow of that whistle.  He asked me to halt, but the horse would not halt until the whistle was blown.

He later sold this horse.  Can you imagine what the new rider had to deal with?


A natural rider can ride almost any horse, giving compassionate care to the horse that has been beaten or brutalized or wore a bucking strap.  The horse that is high strung, can be softened in time, with patience,  persistence, and compassion.


'Soft Touch' Horsemanship --The Mind/Body Connection -horse or human.

We see amazing results. It's like getting a RIDER MAKE-OVER. 

 Soft Touch Quantum Horsemanship


Stop struggling to look like you know.  You will know!

Riding accident or trauma slows progress, often --for years.


Learn and remember your comfort zone.

  DO NOT be taken surprise -by anything!

AWARENESS and BEING PREPARED --is SURVIVAL at it's BEST.             

If trainers call--'making the horse do it your way' -training, I will never be a trainer!

The horses we work with -want to do it naturally anyway -and they want to please because we work in mutual respect, and that shows in their attitude and performance.

 Intensity, Compassion, and 'Mutual Powers' meet,

You will have that Mind/Body Connection --with spiritual authority.

And you will know and feel just what that means!

Rose at the Barn



  1. 'Fresh Start' --Our 'Base Program' --for integrated horsemanship, and life change.

  2.  Soft touch horsemanship --Riding's Safety & Survival Program --plus extended horsemanship

  3. 'STQuantumhorsemanship' --Higher Connections, Spirituality --the basis for healing

  4. --The results of 'STQ'--including personal healing

  5. --Unspoken words heard by founder --through sensitivity --miracles, and a near death experience  [NDE] 

  6. 'Rose at theBarn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!

Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!

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