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Do they call them 'THE GOOD HORSE' --because they haven't broke down --YET?

Why do humans take such chances with another being?

 Really examine this question. If people make those choices for themselves --so be it!  When they make these decisions for another species or being --take a HARD LOOK at the answers you come up with.

I bet that money is at the base of all this, even when it comes to 'SPORT'.

I have another name for it!  Non-caring CASH-COWS!

Why do humans take so many risks for honor & MONEY?

JUMP courses should be over rails that fall down!  YES!  WHY create death traps?

That old adage of  'he won't jump it clear or respect the jump --if he does not get hurt once in awhile' --SUCKS!  Learn how to inspire a horse, but STILL protect their health and well-being by eliminating the dangers in their path!   YOUR ABILITY is reflected here!

Driving courses should NEVER be so cruel. 

See the FEAR on the horses eyes!  THEY [the horse] KNOW --there could be a hard rock under that mud, or they could break a leg on those hard turns.

WHY don't the owners / drivers know this?  They just don't care?  How could they?

The Race Tracks --PLUS!

IF ANY HORSE looses their life --trying to please the crowd -or their owners, THE REST OF THAT DAY SHOULD BE  'CANCELLED' --to show some respect.  THEY GAVE THEIR LIFE!

This just makes me sick anymore!

Also, just because you are tired after your course, do NOT FORGET that your horses are tired also.

I remember the driving teams horses that were put on a trailor after their program --where FOUR HORSES --died of HEAT EXHAUSTION --that ONE DAY!  TRUE!

That's MORTAL INHUMANITY and abuse! 

It's more than disgusting!

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