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Soft Touch Horsemanship

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Hands of Silk —OR a ‘BIT’ of horror!

A subject dear to my heart, and to the horse’s mouth!

How does a horse respond to a rider, who is holding the reins,  attached to the hard metal BIT, in their mouth?

  In several ways:

1.  They will ignore it. soft touch quantum horsemanship -the mind-body connection horse or human

2.  They will push against it.

3.  They will try to toss it out of their mouth.

4.  They will fight it.

5.  They will be traumatized by it.

6.  They will grab it with their teeth.

7.  They will hate it, and be irritated by it.

8.  They will try to pull the reins ‘from’ --your hands.

9.  They will NOT want you to put it in their mouth!

10.  They will NOT ‘FEEL’ it in their mouth AT ALL!

Does YOUR horse respond in ANY of the above ways? 

 (1-10) These are ‘ISSUES’ that must be corrected, by first understanding the reasons behind the behavior. We can help you with this. 

 ‘Soft Touch’ Horsemanship is all about -COMMUNICATION!


OR, do they respond to the BIT as listed below?

11.  They will embrace it, --as an extension of ‘your’ will.

12.  They will look for your ‘support’ --as expressed through 

---‘your’ handling of the bit.

13.  They will ‘mouth’ it, like a piece of hard candy.

14.  They will actually like it.

15.  They will enjoy the bit as a new piece of ‘clothing’.

16.  They will enjoy the ‘working’ pressures, you ask of them.

17.  They will hardly ever, fight you with the bit.

18.  They WILL express their own ‘feelings’



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