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Horsemanship Studies-6
Approaching obstacles
Lots of work involved to get the job done successfully.
Going between anything that is about 15 inches apart --is one thing to accomplish.
Then, raise the anti to walking between two chairs that can tilt easily is another thing.
Then, to add insult --we place the lawn umbrella next to the chairs.
This can be obstacle h---!

Concentration, with determination --must be combined with tact, relaxation, yet getting the job done.
You can prove to yourself --if you are learning --and you can accomplish this challange.
It is best to provide opportunities that will make us use all of what we have, and not to get over-excited, emotional or angry.
This is time EXTREMELY well spent.
And YES--this task was successfully accomplished without any help from myself.
Learning is listening, watching, feeling, and using all we have learned.
The greatest gift --is having the opportunity to challenge ourselves, and to WIN!
PLUS, we must do so without exciting the horse, who may have other ideas of what he wants to do.

More to come!



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