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Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


Riding Lessons with Rose at the Barn

From YEARS of experience helping horse & human.

FRESH START --our Original Base Program has PROVED to be the best of the best --no matter where you start!

Rose offers



Lessons, because we care more about YOU --than your being or looking like everyone else when it comes to riding.  We want YOU to have great 'Learning Experiences' that will take care of you throughout your entire lifetime of riding. Our work covers your Instincts, Impulses, Actions & In-actions that can keep you safe and AWARE of what's around you --at all times. WHY--? You must know how to handle yourself         --at all times!


To know the horse and riding --is to better understand yourself --as well as others.

Understanding the natural horse is having great friends --forever! 

AND --LEARNING should also be GREAT FUN!

'Rose at the Barn'  Rose wants to INSPIRE YOU!

We believe FIRST THINGS FIRST --to learn it all and learn it well --because it helps AVOID or ELIMINATE HOSPITAL TIME!

IF you are jumping, you should learn more about the approach to the jump and the type of jump --to eliminate jumping accidents. FRESH START --LEVEL TWO works on timing with awkward situations, a great teaching tool for you to learn early on to also help you with control and coordination, when at the higher levels.

 Be careful about learning FORM RIDING!  We want you to know what to do --IF timing gets OFF --even for a second.  That's where accidents start from.  You better know how to conquer that before you get hurt!

Fresh Start

Fresh Start works with Nature, to study the relationship and body language of horse & rider.  Rose finds out what your riding and horse are missing --and we START from there!

It's MORE about what you FEEL, than what you look like!

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    Rose's Studies

  1.         Soft Touch Horsemanship  Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skill

            ST-Quantum Horsemanship  Spirituality energy/consciousness & flow

                Vision the tip of the arrow. where are you going?   Whisperer horse & human listening!   Leadership & learning to learn

            A Horse Holiday with choice  Healing --in mind, body & emotions

           Mind-Body-Brain-Spirit  Overview complex situations   Understanding life --or passing

    Rose at the Barn --Consultant --for positive change

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