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Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


I rode the Merry-go-round as a child on The Eastern Shore, Maryland --at Tolchester Beach. I still preferred the real horses!  Many years later, the Merry-Go-Round sort of popped up in different places, at different times. 
Was I to learn that one-day --this would be a MESSAGE b
y 'Divine-Intervention & Guidance'?
It ALL needed to be written down, due to the near unbelievable stuff I have learned about human behavior and spirituality.  It  is real --yet complex!  Yet --it is so simple, for it's the same Horse Holiday program, that has proved to improve lives --by association with the natural horse, and learning to ride them! 

With my background as a NDE, the miracles plus sensitivity, we found it vital --HOW-TO-TEACH this program  is established --for the right kind of person who can and WILL be helping people from all over the world.
To now, I HAVE NEVER given the HOW-TO to anyone! 
I have been smart enough to keep that to herself --until ready with all the documentation. 

I am NOW READY. I have PAID THE PRICE for continuing --AGAINST ALL ODDS, even the advice from many who just do not GET-IT and/or understand all that's involved!

So, when meeting a group of incredible in Harrisburg --we spoke about meditation, and the rabbit hole concept came up to me, so I had to write again!  I was led to stay positive, and KNOW that what we have accomplished is something that absolutely will work!  They reminded me that I just have to BELIEVE --which I always have.

I have always known that the rewards will be awesome for all involved.  WHY ELSE would I dedicate her life to this?


--Rose sacrificed almost EVERYTHING to finish what she knows to be from Divine Intervention --to do so.

Meanwhile, since a dream of a 'very slow bouncing rubber ball' --just bouncing in place [is so like past issues] has since been kicked aside --permanently --until the story one day is told.

I AM based at the HUB of this Merry-Go-Round  --and that's ME!  Rose at the Barn!

My education came from all the people, and what the horses have taught me, plus the situations and opportunities I have passed by, knowing I would be helping lots more --than just a few.   The people, things, places, and not taken monetary opportunities --are like all those HORSES --of the merry-go-round --running around me.  THIS makes up the 'Merry-Go-Round' --that has kept me at the HUB --of all the work I knew I had to do!

So --with all this realization --
what is next for Rose and this awesome program?

Because I forgot to send in the the NPO's 990 forms, we are no longer NOT-FOR-PROFIT!  I have so much experience with this work, plus the County system, the IRS, DCED and the NAP program, and the USDA as well.


2015 is now time to start making real FOR PROFIT INCOME, for Horse Holiday Organization

 --as well as for YOU --the horse lover with small private facilities, and just a couple of horses.

This HAS BEEN THE PLAN all along, and we still have them!

We can work together to help many --in YOUR OWN AREA as well.

 NOW we look to work with individuals plus small facilities

 --to create HORSE HOLIDAY Coaches & Consultants  [HHC]

  --to spread this program to many Communities, Counties, States --and BEYOND.

So what does the Merry-Go-Round tell me---? 

There are MANY Brass-Rings --out there! 

Was THAT The Missing Message?
Where is that Brass ring? 


  Let's talk --to see if you qualify and see where this goes!

It MUST BE A 5-WAY-WIN  --or it is not good!
To see that Rabbit-Hole  

  Email --or call 717-462-8535


The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer] 



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  1.         Soft Touch Horsemanship  Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skill

            ST-Quantum Horsemanship  Spirituality energy/consciousness & flow

                Vision the tip of the arrow. where are you going?   Whisperer horse & human listening!   Leadership & learning to learn

            A Horse Holiday with choice  Healing --in mind, body & emotions

           Mind-Body-Brain-Spirit  Overview complex situations   Understanding life --or passing

    Rose at the Barn --Consultant --for positive change

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The Medical professon says; 'IF we do not Medicate --what can we do?'  SEND THEM --TO ROSE!