A MOM's TESTIMONY -- of Rose's 11 yr old rider. 2013

As a mother, I am a voice for my children.
As a mother, I am an advocate for my children.
As a mother, I strive to provide a meaningful life for my children.
As a mother, I strive to surround my children with good people.
As Kate’s mom, I listened when she spoke of her love for horses. When she wasn’t speaking, I watched her face change from solemn to bright when she would see a horse in the distance or in a book.  I listened.  I contacted a local barn, and Kate began riding lessons. 
After several years, I started to notice the decline in Kate’s excitement to attend her weekly lessons.  Now understand, Kate was most certainly looking very forward to seeing the horses, goats, cows, pigs, dogs and cats (and any other critter) at the barn, but she was feeling unfulfilled during her lessons, which may have stemmed from her dislike of the “style” of riding/instruction.
We knew this was not the place for Kate.

During a visit at a holistic type of a gift shop we spotted a brochure, and I was inclined to reach for it and begin to read it.  I instantly thought, hmmmm…perhaps this “all natural” style of riding and interaction/instruction that is lead by Rose may be a better fit for Kate.

I am quite glad I made the phone call to Rose the next day.  I vividly remember our phone conversation.  Rose was not only interested in hearing about Kate’s history with horses, but she was even more interested in hearing about Kate.  Yes, about Kate…her personality…her likes/dislikes….her fears…her dreams…her family…her school…her friends…everything about Kate!

Rose and Kate met and began working together with the horses.  These are a few comments I would like to share…for these are my observations.  It can really be summed up in two very simply, yet very powerful sentences.

Rose teaches Kate to love the horse…respect the horse…”listen” to the horse.

In turn, Rose is teaching Kate to love herself…respect herself…and “listen” to her feelings.

Rose is touching Kate’s life is a way I never expected.  We love her. And we love how she is changing our lives…with the help of her horses, her Christian values, and her loving ways.


My added comments:  This young woman went from fear to determination.  She found the way to really connect with Promise [our Arab mare] who did a number on her when she hesitated to tell me how and what she was feeling when Promise got terrified at being alone in the outdoor arena --as two other horses left the area.

Of course this set the rider and us all back, and this is WHY we went through all we had to do to get that confidence back.  This young rider started to understand the delicacy between horse and rider.  She absolutely learned the safety/survival lessons we teach, and was really starting to work them --toward the end of her time with me.

In essence what both myself and the mom witnessed --a young 'Divine Rider' taking form.  She did miracuously well when she needed to correct Promise and save her self when things got touchy toward the end, when Promise tested her.  We were both so proud of her accomplishments that were coming naturally, and this is my prime goal in teaching a rider --what should take place as second nature.  The mom definitly applauded her daughter's ability on one of her last sessions with us.  It was truly miracuous!  I could have not been more proud of her accomplishments.

Unfortunately --as a young person, she did not understand why I moved into a 12 x 12 area to be near the horses, and away from cigarette smoke.  Plus, I was given another computer after my own older computer with a broken mother board --as an XP program was being dropped.  This terrified me. I was definitly in a horrific place, and so grateful with the new opportunities to have my newer computer in that 12 x 12 area to continue my work there --where I could hear the noise of the horses, that was so soothing for me.  I did not see this young lady after that day, much to my surprise.


With this disappointment --I will say this:  I will bet that where she now takes her lessons, that she went backwards --into that 'box of regulations and form riding'.  I can only pray that she never lost what she learned with Promise and our teaching.  I can imagine that she has faced many confusing transitions, and I wish she would never have left us, because she was well on her way to becoming what I look for and desire mentoriing for:  

That 'Divine Rider' --a rare find!

Some lessons are hard learned --for me as well! 

Giving from your heart is still what I will continue to do!

Rose at the Barn.


The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer] 

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