Soft Touch Horsemanship The Mind Body Connection  

~~By God's Directions.  This is His Program--not ours!~~





Natural Horsemanship offers much to learn

--Being united 'as one' in relationship with the horse, without robbing them of their integrity or natural spirit.  Together, we were natural --before we learned the ways of the human ego.  Natural horsemanship helps us learn to work together within a common goal to accomplish more.  All horses are born natural, before human contact.  Their behavior is to be understood, and we must learn to value --not alter their inbred naturalness. 

 Horses do not change --people do! 

The horse remembers who they are, and they want to be appreciated.  We should learn to not change them, but to work with them for shared purpose.  But first, we must understand them.

Soft Touch Horsemanship is NATURAL --un-effected, not altered  by human interference OR expectation!

We prefer working with horses --not trained or altered by humans! We learned the communication skills with natural horses for higher shared awareness. 

 By learning to meet their needs, we somehow meet our own. 

As we learn their language, we enter into a understanding of riding, to  eliminate traditional instruction difficulties.

Natural Horsemanship from the inside out --for both horse and human. 

Knowing the natural horse, is the first step to successful horsemanship.  The performance of a horse is the result of a rider's understanding, cooperation and encouragement, without manipulation by awkward control issues.  Rose M Foreman

"Where knowledge ends, violence begins." Xenophon

QUOTE from Bill Dorrance, author of 'True Horsemanship through feel':  I'm not sure on this, but I rather think there's something the horse has to contribute to this world that's a little up the line in thought than just having someone sit up there on his back, or having people use him in those other ways they've found for him to get their harder work done"

THERE IS --Mr. Dorrance.  We are trying to help people to understand just that!  

Rose M. Foreman, founder Horse Holiday Organization

"With flowing tail and flying mane, Wide nostrils, never stretched by pain, Mouths bloodless to the bit or rein, and feet that iron never shod, and flanks unscar'd by spur or rod, a thousand horses -- the wild -- the free -- like waves that follow o'er the sea, came thickly thundering on." ~Lord Byron (1788-1824) from "Marzeppa"

When fear leaves, joy takes over and time does not exist anymore.



  1. 'Fresh Start' --Our 'Base Program' --for integrated horsemanship, and life change.

  2.  Soft touch horsemanship --Riding's Safety & Survival Program --plus extended horsemanship

  3. 'STQuantumhorsemanship' --Higher Connections, Spirituality --the basis for healing

  4. --The results of 'STQ'--including personal healing

  5. --Unspoken words heard by founder --through sensitivity --miracles, and a near death experience  [NDE] 

  6. 'Rose at theBarn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!

Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!

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