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The Subject of Nylon Halters
[not knowing better or --even caring!]

#1.  A Leather halter will snap --or break IF caught on anything.  The leather gives way, and the horse is freed!
#2.  A nylon halter will also break --IF --there is a leather strap --that goes over the head --behind the ears!
#3.  A FULL NYLON HALTER is a DEATH TRAP!  It should ONLY be used
---when the horse is being handled by an expert horseman.
#4.  Halters should NOT be left on a horse --without due considerations to why, and for how long, as well as where the
 handler is and  ---how far away will they be --in case they are needed!

 A few stories to back up this statements:
A.  Along time ago a magnificent Arab stallion fell in his stall and got his halter caught on an eye-hook --in his stall!  He HUNG HIMSELF --much to the horrow of his beloved owner.  This was a shock to their horse community, for he was dearly loved.
B.  I taught a friend about halters, and she was to take the halter off of my horse after leaving him in his stall. 
[My halters usually have a leather strap over the ears.].  I went back into the barn to see my horse's halter HANGING --and broken --on an eye hook!  This friend did NOT LISTEN to what I tried to teach her!  My horse [Tonkin] could have not survived this error in poor judgement!]  Needless to say --I was LIVID!
C.  A dear friend --who I also told about her halters of choice --being full nylon --called to tell me that her beautiful mare had HUNG HERSELF --in a FENCEPOST!  My friend found her dangling over the fence that dreadful morning!  She even said that she knew better!  Obviously, she was heartbroken.
                                          There are many other such stories about the mis-use of nylon halters and the dreaded results!

Leaving halters on a horse in paddocks --&/OR in stalls --is a DEATH-WISH.  WHO may be waiting for an insurance payoff--? 

A recent incident concerns a valuable horse who had a NYLON HALTER left on 24/7.  It was very pretty, perhaps their reason -to dress up their horse.  VERY POOR JUDGEMENT --I would say!
        The day came!  A quick noice during the night could have just been a KICK.  It was not!  The horse got caught --apparently on an EYE-HOOK [another trap] and the horse broke their NYLON HALTER!  What a lucky break!  The horse escaped harm!  I got to the handler/trainer, and simply said to check his horse out, and he asked is his horse was alright!  I said YES --but check for yourself.
       While waiting with no response to the horse's condition, I got a text.  Is the horse hurt or injured?  I said it broke the nylon halter, and is now safe!
       The ONLY RESPONSE I GOT BACK from that trainer WAS THIS:  A text message saying --

                                How do you think this makes me feel about a so-called horseman/trainer?
                                Where does my appreciation and concerns go from there---?

       What have I learned about how people feel --and DO NOT FEEL --about the horse's they are supposed to be working with?
      To add insult to injury, the facility placed another NYLON halter on that same horse to be turned out -in paddock for the day.

   What am I to do or think now?    
 What would YOU think?
Are you beginning to understand why I love the horse, an dislike so many people and how they treat the horse?
       It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY --to TRY to take care of our horses,
and that cannot be done by IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE, or not caring.

                         PLEASE CARE and take care!                                                 

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