Rose M Foreman  NDE/Advocate/Visionary/& Consultant

Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


 OFFERING: Specialized Riding Programs

Start by learning to ride --minimum $25 per hr.
to experience what the horse has to offer you naturally!

Fresh Start' Our Base Riding Program  --Improves quality of life for the horse, by helping you the rider -to ride with compassion, understanding, and confidence.

Inclusive 'Safety & Survival' tactics.

ST-Quantum' Horsemanship [STQH]   is where you grow in your personal phases to your level of competency, gaining a higher understanding for natural universal laws of communication, and non-denominational spirituality.  STQH offers a Journey to Health and Whole-Body Wellness!   

So you want to own a horse of your own!  What now?            


SOON --in 2015  Rose's first book 'The Business of Horses'

MORE to come in 2015!

The Mind-Body Connection -Horse and Rider.   Not a method, discipline, form, or technique.  Simply understand more about difficult riding situations, to easily adjust and conquer unexpected situations.

In essence it's --'Our Psychology of Horsemanship' --for humans.    

Horse Communication helps to develop and improve all kinds of relationships.  It's not only about riding a horse. 

 It's a quest for self-discovery and awareness of our God-Given gifts and abilities.     

ESCAPE to MINIMIZE STRESS --by knowing more about the natural horse, riding, and yourself --to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and/or socially.  

 AGAIN --some call this Mind-Body & Soul Medicine

 We know -This is God's Program.               FMI See:

  Make better decisions with our educated 'learning experiences'. 

Experience joy to minimize the need for expensive treatment!

We up-root the cause behind issues --while others only treat the symptoms --of your stress!

Healing testimonies --seen on

What comes first --the symptoms --or the stress?

We found 'THE Missing Link in 1980-82 with Rose's Personal Search

  'SCOPE of SUCCESS' by rider comments' 

Spirituality We Offer you a unique opportunity to free your inner spirit, to help eliminate any blockage, perhaps caused by family turmoil or social infections, to experience inner peace and joy!  Find and utilize that special something within you, to find your life purpose and direction.  Spirit recognizes spirit in other beings, horse, human, and the inanimate.  You will know you know, that spirit exists in all things.  We help you with the assistance of the natural horse, by riding, groundwork --and meeting the Spirit within the horse 

Higher Communication --through Spirituality & Sensitivity, Heart & Soul!

Experience many awesome benefits from nature.   Our Story --is being told!    

Always remember --the Gift of Kindness!      Rose's Prayer has already been answered.

  •  HELP US to improve the lives of both horse and horse, through compassion and understanding --by exploration and discovery of the natural.  

Who are we --really?   We can help you find those answers!

  Deposit required --THANK YOU!



    Rose's Studies

  1.         Soft Touch Horsemanship  Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skill

            ST-Quantum Horsemanship  Spirituality energy/consciousness & flow

                Vision the tip of the arrow. where are you going?   Whisperer horse & human listening!   Leadership & learning to learn

            A Horse Holiday with choice  Healing --in mind, body & emotions

           Mind-Body-Brain-Spirit  Overview complex situations   Understanding life --or passing

    Rose at the Barn --Consultant --for positive change

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The Medical professon says; 'IF we do not Medicate --what can we do?'  SEND THEM --TO ROSE!