Soft Touch Horsemanship The Mind Body Connection  

~~By God's Directions.  This is His Program--not ours!~~





 Ride with Feel’ [not intellect]--for a joyful ride on horseback           


Eliminate boring technique & physical control.

No more plastic models and what they say --you should look like.  Instead, learn what works to keep you and your horse safe, and a happy friend.  Experience ‘Soft Hands’ to communicate more effectively, and with greater ease.   Gain the respect from your horse that you deserve, as a great team.  Learn how unrealized abuse is frustrating your horse, and correcting them with kindness --is not painful.

  ‘Rose at the Barn’ --has been known for starting her horses within 2 hours.  Her mind-body language works, and she could tell you what to expect from a horse in a short time.  Her foresight proved itself time and time again.  She learned to make tough horses look easy.  

            Observing how a human’s --lack of understanding affected the horses --became painful to Rose.  Helping riders to ‘get-it’ became a challange, due to those passed down methods --locked in --like stone.  It were as if there was a club for certain behavior, talk and costume to belong, that appeared to fill a void, with need to be accepted by other horseman.

            Rose helped horses and people to overcome their emotional distress and trauma by breaking-open any blockage, to find success. One particular horse became a Grand Prix Show Jumper on the Florida Circuit, sold for $75K.   

            Seeing that horse about 7 years later, when speaking his original name, he turned his head and neck to press her against him for several minutes. He remembered, and thanked her!

   Most of the issues horses had were due to lack of understanding, following by old school methods, defining the horse as a huge animal that had to be obedient to forced control.  Fear of humans stood ground before success. Horses became vulnerable to any rider's outburst --by trying to avoid pain or bad handling. 

            Our Safety & Survival Program gives confidence and knowledge --to conquer an unexpected situation before it gets hold of you, by an unexpected outburst.  Accident & injury is minimized.   Learn the art of distraction and much more.

½ hr. Free Clinic can show your issues with your horse & RIDING. And, if Rose can’t help you --there is no fee!

PS –Rose has always been paid—and often with a HEALTHY bonus.

So, just who taught Rose? 

After starting to help clients learn to ride in 1972, and with many years of observation, watching horses under a rider, it became easy to understand just what made the horses unhappy or uncomfortable.  This became Rose's study --the-how-to-correct what she saw happening –for the horse’s sake.

When the horses Rose worked with started to understand that she was trying to comfortably communicate with them, she started to see them change!  They understood what she was trying to do for them, and it showed.

They actually started to help her to better understand them, through their eyes, and body language to elevated those connections to becoming better coordinated, communicating, to actually learning together.

After starting the horses –Rose decided that they should gain even more comfort in the world outside the barnyard or riding arena, to develop this communication to wherever it would take them both –as a team.  Fascinating --how the horses began to depend on Rose to help them when they became afraid or confused. 

They actually worked like teacher and student, and more than a little --the horse was her teacher.  Confidence between horse and human became very exciting!

SO then, Rose had to transfer this knowledge to the rider –so they too would understand what the horse was teaching us, and Rose to them.  Buyers lined up to purchase Rose's horses because they were so confident, and moved so beautifully because they so trusted her, and gave her their all.

At this point, Rose started to observe the real business of horses, and they did not get the same results she was getting, because the horses were just pressured to become better performers.  That was all that mattered, so my opinions shifted against the business of horses.

1980, R now just wanted to help the horses by creating the program that would help people to better understand the sensitivity and personalities of the different horses.  Students started understanding that the horses were friends, and that they also have a sense of humor when people are open to pay real attention to what the horses were doing and expressing to us.

This became phenomenal --as the family expanded, and the games began for the pleasure of all involved. 

This program became a winner, and what we created has not been open to corrections, due to the awesome results we share between the teacher/consultant or riding coach, clients and the horse.

Students just started absorbing what both the horse and Rose would see happening.

Our Base Program is SOLID and Universal –to this very day in 2015.

 The amazing truth is just how these lessons give so much more information than taught.  It seemed that we show students a parallel with their own personal life –in many ways, almost the same as experienced when we were trying to connect with the horses.  We shared a student/teacher blending, and that carried over to our students.

It has been amazing!

The horses actually knew what Rose was doing for her students, and they started to share in the process!

 Interesting today Nov 2, 2012  that I am just realizing this internally.  It finally comes to surface.

 Since teaching this process for many years, I have seen so many unexpected and positive results, that it's still mind-boggling.  

So –why change –what works so well?

Our sessions appear to be a slow process at first, however, it is well worth the weight of time and patience to ‘start getting it’.  After that --your level of comprehension dictates how we continue, and, the challenges await!

Remember,  If Rose can’t help you --there is no fee!   She's always been paid --and often with a bonus.

Meet ‘Rose at the Barn’ from Hunt Country, Harford County Maryland USA

717-462-8535   Now in South Central Pa. #17241 in Newville, PA.

--after so much documentation etc. since 2000.

Know --Rose gave up many financial opportunities, due to what she was learning, and her determination to follow this path --to wherever it would take her!  You would hardly believe what she has been through for this work!  Would she do it again?  That is a very definite -yet difficult  YES!

'Rose at the Barn' Foreman





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  3. 'STQuantumhorsemanship' --Higher Connections, Spirituality --the basis for healing

  4. --The results of 'STQ'--including personal healing

  5. --Unspoken words heard by founder --through sensitivity --miracles, and a near death experience  [NDE] 

  6. 'Rose at theBarn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!

Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!


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