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Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. Albert  Schweitzer

Obviously this horse's rider has some very deep psychotic issues that need real attention.  Her control expresses her own lack and need for appreciation or love.  Maybe she just needs to be SMACKED to get off her 'high personal horse'! 

 People should be made to endure what they put their horses through. 

First --I AM TRYING to educate them!  The above is shameful!   This rider kept this horse's head bent like this for over FIVE HOURS!   The strain in the neck and behind the ears --is also felt by myself. WHY do riders do such a thing?  Do they think it is pretty, or to win a ribbon, a colored 'strip of cloth'?  Why must the horse bear such burden?  Learn to look at a rider's HAND GRIP pn the reins!  The tension on those reins to hold this horse's head in this position --should be a crime!  WHY NOT call it abuse?  That is what I THINK and feel --for that horse!

 Is this human behavior necessary?  Or is it just plain cruelty?  I would like to tie that rider's head --to her knees!  PLEASE --LEARN to look a horse into the eyes to feel their inner pain.  Physical,  Mental  --and Emotional.  Why are so many humans --so very damned blind?

I want you to look deeply at this horse's eyes.  What is this horse asking for, or hoping for? 

Could it be that a little kindness -would go a very long way?  Can't you feel their question: Their PLEA? 

 'WHY am I being treated like this?' --from such a kind and sensitive horse'. 

Their mouth can be as tender as a baby's mouth!

The human EGO and the need for personal power is so misunderstood, and accepted --in pure ignorance --NOT KNOWING ANY better!  HEAR ME!  PLEASE!

It's makes a horse's life --a burden, victim due to their own kind will.

How some humans treat their horses shows me that they are bordering insanity!

Some will hurt a horse because they must hurt something, to cover their own inner pain. rather than have anyone see what's inside them, and since they BOUGHT and PAID FOR that horse --they think they have the right to be so damned cruel.


Give a horse a break --at least every 10 minutes.  Loosen the reins and allow the neck to stretch, relax, and allow the muscles to breathe.  Blood needs to FLOW freely, and this abusive treatment also creates energy blocks!

These riders should get the 'tar & feathers' treatment!

   PLEASE! STOP TREATING the horse this way.

Don't you know you look like an idiot?  You need to seek help!  Sound harsh?  SO BE IT!  I will continue --to speak for the horse!

I have observed way too much, and it makes me sick!  I would wish to see a non-abusive rider program, at horse-shows to fine [$] riders for such unnecessary treatment. Unfortunately, many humans just plain lack the love, kindness and compassion in their own lives.

Horse Holiday Programs are really trying to educate --to help stop realized OR UN-realized abuse of the natural horse!

I believe that some horses that appear to be bad are just really MAD at how they have had to endure.  I believe they have the right to be angry at their human treatment.  Sorrowfully they have little chance of regaining the trust of humans in their lives again. 

We believe in 'Horse Angels' --who take them in --to help them recover from previous treatment by humans!  THIS is a program we believe will help many humans --to take part in --especially those with criminal records.  They could help each other with our Horse Holiday Programs.

I invite you to email us ANY PHOTO that shows abuse, for possible inclusion to this web-site.

We thank you!  KNOW that Horse Holiday Organization wants to help those with human issues --that poorly affect the horse.

Absolutely Incredible!

COMMENT:  I had always felt that I was a gentle horse rider. After Rose's first class, I know now that I had not only been cruel to the animal, but cruel to myself. I feel wonderful about the education that I am receiving. I can't wait for the next class. P. Willard, Red Lion, PA.





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