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Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


Soft Hands --with horsemanship!

Rose's work involves helping both horse and human.

Therefore --watching the hands of a rider --really express an internal need to our helping both.

Expression by the hands can indicate a person's personality and/or needs.  The communication with a horse's mouth, or halter can easily express to the horse. Their responses to the handler or rider's expressive communication will absolutely get a response from the horse, good, bad --or indifferent, and  this in turn creates another unexpected response from those handling or riding that same horse.

This type of communication is either in or by instinct, impulse or a reaction from both horse and rider/handler.

KNOW THIS:  One day --several came to my barn from Mental Health agencies --who wanted to work and relocate to work with our program.  There was one young lady who wanted to volunteer. 

I simply asked her to go into the stall, put a halter on a wonderful filly of ours, and to bring her out of the stall. When I saw her drag my filly our of the stall, all I could do was to raise my hands --in horror, and say:

 "NO!  I can't do this"

I was so ready to have more help, and so close to getting Governemnt funding, yet --I was only ONE PERSON who knew our program, and I knew I would have to train those who would be helping with clients. This made me realize that I would also have to TRAIN the VOLUNTEER!  I was already on OVERWHELM, and I just had to:

 'Lift my life and hands in PRAYER' --asking God to "Show me how to make all this happen --for the good of all"!

Hands of expression are vital in life --as well as riding a horse successfully!

Seeing what I saw, and facing my own deliemma of getting this program recognized for all purposes, abilities, and intangable results --I had a major decision to make.

At that time, I knew I needed God's help to get all this right from the bottom line --all the way to the top --in working with clients.  My decision was to follow Divine direction --in total trust from all I have learned about that non-verbal voice --from those 'Whisperings', and to follow in perfect faith, with knowing who, what, and why this program is becoming as it has been formed to be.

That decision was made, and now [August 2013] we must be sure all pages reflect our intentions.

After years of work --we get back to the beginnings, the why and the how.

It starts with the mind-body connections, and the FEELINGS we get and give--that are expressed with the hands.  See below to imagine your feelings to what hands are saying.


Or these:


The hands and fingers are communicators!

They are objects of --what we call 'feel' --and they can become like butterfly wings to express our wants, needs or desires when on or off the horse. 

Leanne from Au stated:  "It took me a lifetime seeking 'soft hands' and for you to help me get them in 3 weeks --is a miracle!"

Know that we helped Leanne with some other issues, therefore her expressions --through to her fingertips --greatly improved. This could be the same --for you!

Therefore, our program desires the full impact of and for better communication skills --with the horse, your riding, and in your own life as well.

We are always seeking MORE!  Rose at the Barn

PLEASE SEE some Great Hands and more.  Need we say more--?

The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer] 



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