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How we started our 'Soft Touch' horses.

And how we can help teach you --to start yours!

From simply lounging, to lounging with the saddle, we then ground drive.  We introduce our weight, and then mount, doing as we have already taught the horse, by the ground driving, then turning, stopping, and walking.  Then, after the horse relaxes -we trot, but only for a very short distance!  The goal is to let them know there is nothing to be afraid of.  This is a lot for them to digest, and we give them the time they need to do so.  Actually we can continue for another short session the very next day, leaving them with a very positive session.  After that it gets easier, until they want to play.  A simple scolding, and a tap on the reins is enough to say NO!  We do not insist on backing, in the first 5-10 sessions.  Our horses have accomplished ALL of this, within 2-3 hours total time.  And they remember, and love the work.

All we do after that is to take them places, and let them enjoy the trip, all only at a walk!.  If and when a horse trusts and respects you, they will go almost anywhere with or for you. 



I rode my mare over to the hunt club, about a mile away -on her day three!  This was frowned upon, by the attending horse-woman, who yelled that I needed to be riding in company for at least 6 months!'  I just laughed and stated, "I am the her company!"  And I was!

Needless to say, she did not like my tactics, as I did not hold short reins, or press my leg against the horse's side.  We just comfortably went anywhere, and we both truly enjoyed it.

We are doing something right!  You can too.  It's all in that MISSING LINK!   

The beautiful thing:  A teen we worked with, could also start horses in 2-3 hours!

 'STARTING or Re-Starting HORSES'

We can teach you how.

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Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!

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