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Starting --your own young horse.

Above 1980--our first experiment with youth before our Horse-Fever Program --90 hr.

We have many hits to this site for 'starting horses'. 

It seems there is great need to learn HOW-TO start your own horse.

There are many methods to start a horse, however our work is non-offensive to the horse, in mind-body or spirit!

Caution must be learned to be more aware of what the horse can do that could get you hurt.

Self-defense must be learned. What do you do to stay safe, or if things get tricky?

Timing must be learned, because 'bad timing' --can be a time-bomb.

Learn to 'teach' the horse --rather than make the horse do anything.

Learn to work with the horse, not have the horse work --for you.

Learn to be a friend to your horse, not a commander or authority figure.

Learn the body language that could get you pitched off, or run-into.

Learn that the personal touch is different from the strong hand of ego.

Learn to read the horse, and to understand what they are telling you --by their behavior.

Learn to look for the horse's history to come out when you work with them. 

Understand that past experience sticks to the psyche of both horse and human.

The therapeutic approach to starting horses is VITAL!  It covers most of what could go wrong, and avoids the traumas.

This is usually learned with experience, and that takes a lifetime.

What we are doing is saving you those years of experimenting by trial and error.

We also give you years of observations as to why horses respond as they do, so we can have 'starting horses' be a welcome experience for the horse.

You can bring your horse to us, or we could come to you --if you are not too far away.

I recommend that you know what is happening with your own horse, because many times, the experiences they have with being started, could have unexpected outcomes, not necessarily in bad behavior, but mostly in their attitude towards humans, and the actual riding experience.

Honest relationships with the horse will always be respected by them --for you.

We want all of our horses to be happy, and caring --for you and your safety as well.

This can only be done if your horse likes you, and there is mutual respect.


There is much to learn to keep you safe, and to have the nicest horse you could ever wish to be around.

Set up a learning package to learn to start horses --just for you,

and perhaps your first horse--?

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Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!


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