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Soft Touch Horsemanship

Improve Mind-Body behavior Safety & Survival skills


The BLAST!..(named by our clients)

It's really a FUN VERSION of  --'FS Horsemanship for People'!

However, for the general public something was often missing, and we realized that our in-depth study --was just too much information for those who just wanted to enjoy horses and riding, and to do so with knowledge and safety.

This is why we created this fun approach into learning to ride horses.


A FUN Program of Camaraderie, especially for adults who never dreamed they would be able to ride a horse, and didn't know if they even wanted to.


Session #1

Discover body instincts, instincts, and the power of the mind. Information given mentally. Observe inner conflicts. Become aware of the differences of how the mind, and the body learn. Discover the differences, and learn personal control through understanding. Upper body BALANCE and AWARENESS are encouraged, mentally & physically! 

Experience the moving horse, in a 'different light'.

Session #2

Coordination in mind & body/ horse & human. Partners help each other mount bareback.  It takes practice, and it's lots of chuckles. Move around on the horse, a confusing exercise, with nothing to save you, except your own understanding. Learn to trust your horse & your partner.  Take the reins, and realize how the horse can affect your feelings with their games and antics. You will recognize their ability to intimidate! You will CONQUER through understanding, good balance, & new survival tactics.

Loosen-up, while walking with your partner. An eye opener!

Session #3

Survival! Emergency tactics discussed. Become aware of threatening possibilities, when riding in groups, or alone. Learn to turn possible tragedy into 'SAFE RIDING!  Intensified Communication. We take time to discuss prior horror stories before taking the course. Discuss the causes of many riding problems and injuries sustained, to help you understand how easily things could go wrong, IF --not given the 'HOW TO AVOID' tactics of our program.  Appreciate -SANITY BY CHOICE, with any riding companions. 

Improper handling  of horses bad rider behavior will be understood.

The new partnership between horse & rider becomes gentle, and often amusing. 

Realize a new and 'relaxing' pastime.

Session #4

Learn to tack-up, adjust own equipment, and check for safety! Learn to 'feel' the horse through the saddle, and NOT to just ride the saddle. Feel the real beauty of riding as we take a relaxing trip around the field and through the woods to enjoy the countryside.  On returning, with reins in gentle contact, you may allow the horse to jog softly for a few strides, because you could feel the increased momentum, if your horse may get excited to move along.  We outsmart any increased energy by stopping, and both. taking a  'BLOW DOWN'. 

Within these four classes,you gain eye-opening 'learning experiences', and had a GREAT TIME!           

A great program for novice non-riders or intermediary!

OF COURSE --this is best performed by someone who definitly understands the entire FS Program --or you may have incidents that could be uncomfortable!

COPYING this program does NOT give the QUALITY of content!

End of 'FUN' LEVEL #1's BLAST!

HORSE SENSE --Realized! 

NOTE:  THE ABOVE IS JUST A PROGRAM 'OVERVIEW'.  The HOW-TO CONTENT is what makes this program so powerful.  Have a small group of 4 take the program together, for a compelling addition to friendship.

Learn more about yourself--and more!



--of our 'Fresh Start' Program

[four seperate classes 3-4 hrs. ea. taken in two days]

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The happiest people are those that discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things." Meg Graybill

[a friend and writer] 



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