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VS TEACHING, with shared Integrity!  
That's working together to understand each other
--to get something good accomplished!

To understand this --you must 'feel it!'

TRAIN --a horse?  Where do some trainers come from?  I observed a well-known 'trainer' from Australia and what I saw was disappointing --not where I come from!  What I noticed:

The approach to 'the horse' by this TRAINER --seemed to be:

1.)  The horse --is a CREATURE, just like a so-called wild animal, as seen --by the observer!

2.)  NO THOUGHT shared between horse and TRAINER --only a plan!

3.)  DIRECTION --is the plan.  Get the horse to do what the trainer wants!

 It's like cornering a beast to DIRECT them into a tunnel of behavior.

4.)  Distraction FROM any meaningful communication --is the rule!

5.)  Reward comes after acceptance of a learned behavior from the horse.

6.)  BOSS and worker --is what I see as the only relationship developed.. 


'Rose at the Barn'  --My approach is absolutely different!

1.) I Aim to eliminate fear!

2.)  Make a respectful friend without abuse or direction.

3.)  Establish fair exchange --meaning mutual respect between horse & human.

4.)  Ask for anything from the horse in the way of movement, different things, or behavior from the human.

5.)  Establish trust and curiosity!

6.)  Start teaching any HOW-TO --for sharing in a behavior between horse & human [--in trust and acceptance]

7.)  Praise any well recognized attempt to learn a new behavior --from the human.

8.) Teaching the horse --becomes what they want and expect from this relationship --meaning learning!

9.)  With praise, acceptance, and not allowing the horse to become bored --establishes a very rich experience.

10.)  When the basics is understood concerning riding and sharing with the horse as in teacher/student, the next thing to do is to show the horse the outside world.   That learned trust has already been established.

11.) Give the horse more 'educated experiences' --with trails and wandering --to learn about new objects --that eventually gets boring.

12.)  This is when the next phase of riding is needed --with new goals that the horse starts looking forward to.

The horse learns well, and then works to do their best --for whatever you can share together.

Work to create a marvelous relationship and bond between horse & human.

Perhaps THIS --is why I so dislike so many trainer's methods!

Perhaps it is the difference between partners in work relationships --VS

'FRIEND and Shared Spirits' I think the difference --is Love!





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