Soft Touch Horsemanship The Mind Body Connection  

~~By God's Directions.  This is His Program--not ours!~~





 Horse and Rider need more understanding of each other.   

Soft Touch or ST-Quantum Horsemanship

WHAT does the rider need to know?

Answer: The vital basics, often ignored due to the lack of time and the need to keep a class --moving! There is no intimidation with the techniques we use to teach riding, other than personal issues that may develop. We address an issue with delicacy --to eliminate feelings of inadequacy. There is no need  to feel awkward trying to keep pace with the others riders. Every student learns at their own pace, and still be part of the entire program.

HOW do we help riders remember?

Answer: By Hands on Experience. We teach the mind first, then the body must learn. We then give time for the mind and body to get coordinated with the horse and what was previously learned. Riders gain confidence with their learned behavior as they apply the 'Learning Levels' --one-at-a-time!

WHERE does this program begin?

Answer: From --what's been missing, --OR, from where your own understanding leaves off.

WHO can benefit from this program?

Answer: Anyone who loves the horse, --wants to ride, or, has been riding for years, needs confidence, or desires to develop a 6th sense, --to learn that 'unspoken' language.

Will I remember what I experience?

Answer: You will be Coached as you need to be. You do NOT have to worry about competition or keeping up. If need be, we schedule you for a more comfortable program. We encourage participation, even if it is only visual and mental.

NOTE: I rarely make changes in the program content. Sessions seem different, as we match personalities and purpose with all in the groups for understanding and your own personal benefits and desires.  All riders or groups participate in a preliminary discussion. This is quite helpful for confidence and understanding to find where each student is coming from, and --why they are taking the program.

WHEN do you have classes? Answer: By Reservation.

Can we just ask for a specific program, rather than starting at the beginning?

Answer: NO. What this means is, that ALL programs, when taken give the total picture. You will gain from every session, and, if things are taken in sequence, you will learn at a much greater rate of speed.  It may seem learning is slow at first, however, the scales tip upward rather quickly.

 The first sessions --can seem difficult to catch on to. 

Confidence, Communication, Coordination, and Control, will be there because you will have what we call the SOLID BASICS that do not change. The techniques are also used at Olympic level riding.  They got there because they learned these skills!

Experienced riders stated, they --"did not know what we offer in our FIRST CLASS!' 

  Understanding, due to our strategy is built in layers --or LEVELS.

Many state:  "I never thought of it that way".

Minds become UNLOCKED  to riding --as an extension of self.

Our human body responds --to our memories, and are read by the horse, and --an experienced COACH.

TO FREE BODY ENERGY means, we must unlock any negativity, [that can show up as tension in your riding] by repressed memories that can [alter your communication and coordination skills] restrict or 'limit' your energy with the horse.

The TWO energies, horse and human, are equal [charge or energy balance], or there will be some sort of short circuit between the two.  It is not a 'traumatic' experience to resolve this.

 The client is busy with their riding --and when a 'FLASH' -moment (of repressed memory) comes up, the response is usually a 'stare' --freezing up for a moment --or tears that just run down the face, and cannot be held back. There is rarely sobbing, just a few tears to gently -WASH AWAY old memories, or issues, just waiting for us to simply acknowledge --and to show them a moment's attention. --Those memories, like ourselves, do not like to be ignored!

'ISSUES, or tormenting hidden memories, just need to be 'recognized' so you can tell them, --and yourself, they were REAL. THEN, they are --RELEASED!  

You will feel the powerful and NEW energy from your horse --as your own.

The horse recognizes you, and your body as part of theirs, responding as it seems, to your thoughts and feelings unspoken! 

Soft Touch Horsemanship GOAL:

 Know and Ride the horse, from the Horse's point of view --NATURAL!

    FEEL the horse intuitively with your fingertips, and unspoken thought.

 Rose M Foreman 





  1. 'Fresh Start' --Our 'Base Program' --for integrated horsemanship, and life change.

  2.  Soft touch horsemanship --Riding's Safety & Survival Program --plus extended horsemanship

  3. 'STQuantumhorsemanship' --Higher Connections, Spirituality --the basis for healing

  4. --The results of 'STQ'--including personal healing

  5. --Unspoken words heard by founder --through sensitivity --miracles, and a near death experience  [NDE] 

  6. 'Rose at theBarn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!

Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!


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